Selena Gomez: this big change that worries her fans!

Great scare for Selena Gomez fans! They no longer recognize their favorite star! There are many questions on the web

A few days ago, Selena Gomez shared her new change of look, and physique on social networks. A very surprising change since she no longer has the same physique ! His fans are very worried! MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Selena Gomez: a strong woman

Selena Gomez does not appear to be in top form. She talked about some pretty negative things, like the fact that she suffered a lot in love. She even considers her relationships to be cursed:

“I think most of my relationship experiences were cursed. I was too young to deal with things when I was in a relationship. I think I needed to find the word that suited me the most. Because I felt inferior in my old relationships… ”

Very impacted through her romantic relationships, Selena Gomez made it into a depression. She even broaches this subject without taboos. She even takes advantage of her experience to send a message to young people who are also in psychological distress:

“I know how scary it can be to deal with anxiety and to depression alone. If I had been educated on my condition at school as on other subjects my background could have been very different. Society constantly tells us that we are not enough. “

So she has mis in the spotlight a brand that breaks “standards” : “So I wanted to create a brand to challenge and take that pressure off. To change the conversation. My goal with Rare Beauty is to break these unrealistic beauty standards. “

“I have seen from personal experience how these impossible beauty standards have such an effect on my sanity. And I know a lot of people who feel the same way ”. It is therefore a strong woman who conveys bodypositive messages.

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A surprising physical change!

Only here, for a few days, the fans of Selena Gomez worry more and more for her. The reason ? She has changed a lot physically! Indeed, she shared on social networks photos of her for her brand Rare BeautY.

And Justin Bieber’s ex is totally different! We don’t recognize her! First, she has blond hair, this which gives her a much duller complexion. Is this a strategic choice to make people talk about their products? The question is valid !

The pretty brunette is also dressed in a funny way. She has never worn such an outfit. Between the pajamas and the sheet, fans still wonder why she agreed to wear this dress in full shoot.

And that’s not all ! Selena Gomez also gives the impression of having done cosmetic surgery. Indeed, his features are drawn. But maybehas she abused cosmetic surgery ! It doesn’t look like him! But who knows!

Although some comments are negative, the pretty brunette can still count on the support of his most loyal fans.