Seduce Me If You Can: This Sex Scene With Charlize Theron That Made Seth Rogen Very Uncomfortable

Charlize Theron and Seth Rogen share a particularly brief sex scene in “Seduce Me If You Can!” A moment that was not easy to shoot for the actor.

Seduce me if you can : a hilarious romantic comedy

In 2019, Seth Rogen reunited with director Jonathan Levine with Seduce me if you can!After 50/50 And The Night Before: Secret Party. A third collaboration which is probably their best, in which the actor plays Fred Flarsky. This journalist with strong convictions finds himself unemployed when an execrable press magnate buys his media. During a party to which he goes to attend a live Boyz II Men, he meets Charlotte Field (Charlize Theron), Secretary of State who aspires to become the first woman President of the United States. He then recognizes her teenage babysitterwith which he lost contact for many years.

Seduce me if you can! ©SND

Charlotte decides to hire Fred to write her campaign speeches. Their professional relationship gives rise to a friendship, which gradually turns into a love story. Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron form an irresistible duo in Seduce me if you can!a hilarious romantic comedy that takes place in the ruthless world of politics, a setting that allows the film to ridicule certain institutions and other economic empires.

A daunting moment for Seth Rogen

The feature film obviously owes a lot to the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Charlize Therona tandem that has nothing to envy to the cult film couples formed by Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant (Love at first sight in Notting Hill), Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant (The Impossible Mr. Baby) or even Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal (When Harry Met Sally). However, originally, the actor of 40 years old, still a virgin And Knocked up, instructions for use East deeply intimidated by his partneras he explained in 2022 at the Women in Entertainment gala organized by The Hollywood Reporter :

I was incredibly intimidated to work with her, not just because of her talent. I was literally physically intimidated to be around her, because she kills people in every one of her movies.

Seduce me if you can!
Seduce me if you can! ©SND

Seth Rogen is particularly embarrassed during the filming of a fairly short sex scene, during which he lets Charlize Theron take matters into her own hands. While on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show in 2019, the actor said:

You let Charlize take control in these kinds of situations.

For her part, the actress reveals that she was much more relaxed and assures vulnerability about the brevity of the coitus of their characters, during the New York premiere of Seduce me if you can! :

I’ll be honest with you, I was tired that day. I didn’t want to go all out, I wanted it to be comfortable.

Seth Rogen then adds with humor:

Which is a lot like real sex!

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Seduce Me If You Can: This Sex Scene With Charlize Theron That Made Seth Rogen Very Uncomfortable