SECRETS OF STARS. Emma Watson’s advice for radiant skin

There are many beauty tips to do at home with natural products. Check out Emma Watson’s for radiant skin.

She is the icon of natural beauty! In March 2017, the Beauty and The Beast actress told the American site Into The Gloss that she had adopted a 100% ORGANIC beauty routine. Emma watson said she wanted to know what she is applying to her face: “I want to understand what I put on my face”.

But what does Emma watson to have such radiant skin? According to her, one of the essential gestures to have a soft skin … It is lavender oil ! His technique? Before removing makeup, the young woman leaves a hot towel impregnated with lavender oil on her face. “Cleaning is less aggressive”, she explained. Lavender oil helps to find a fresh and clear complexion. It acts on the skin to prevent it from aging. Lavender oil goes reduce small wrinkles that could point the tip of their nose. Indeed, thanks to its regenerating virtues, lavender oil preserves any sagging skin.

Emma Watson: sweet almond oil to hydrate all her hair

The young woman is without complex, and during her interview (still for the American site Into The Gloss) she revealed her beauty routine for her hairiness. To hydrate his hair, from hair to pubic hair, she uses sweet almond oil. “From the tips of my hair and my eyebrows, to my pubic hair. It’s a great multi-function product”, she asserted. A routine that proves that the young woman takes care of herself from head to toe!

Sweet almond oil hydrates and protects skin and hair, while giving them back vigor and radiance. Soothing, she relieves irritation and itching. Simple tips to reproduce without hesitation.

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