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“Scenes from a Marriage” is originally a masterpiece by Ingmar Bergman. It is now an American series worn by Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac. A more modern version to discover on OCS from September 13th.

Scenes from a Marriage : adaptation of a monument

Scenes from a Marriage is originally a series consisting of six episodes fifty minutes. Signed by the famous Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman, it was broadcast on television in 1973. Its different chapters are titled – in chronological order: Innocence and panic, The art of hiding dust under furniture, Paula, The Valley of Tears, The illiterate and At night in a dark house somewhere on Earth. We follow the life of Johan and Marianne, husband and wife for ten years. These parents of two little girls lead a perfect life, at least in appearance. The weight of time ends up shaking their relationship and soon plunges them in a spiral of torment.

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The following year, the director of Screams and Whispers or The Seventh Seal propose a film version of his work. To do this, he goes back and shortens each episode until he gets a feature film. In 1975, the film won the prestigious Golden Globe for best foreign film. You would have understood it, Scenes from a Marriage is interested in the evolution of a couple over the years. This raises questions relating to love, monogamy, desire or even separation. Bergman’s story, particularly fond of psychology, takes place over twenty years. The author-director is still interested in the same duo, that formed by Liv Ullmann (From one life to another) and Erland Josephson (The Gaze of Ulysses).

The HBO series is none other than an adaptation of Bergman’s contemporary work by the prolific Hagai Levi (In therapy). This Golden Globe holder – for The Affair writes and realizes the different chapters of the series. Another slight difference with the original, the couple is American and not Swedish.

An explosive duo

As Mira, ambitious CEO from a company linked to new technologies, we find the talented Jessica Chastain (The colour of feelings). After chasing bin Laden in Zero Dark Thirty and camped a gifted lobbyist in Miss Sloane, here she is successful in her professional life but overwhelmed by the future of her marriage with Jonathan. This is Oscar Isaac, crossed with the Coen brothers, in the saga Star Wars and showing Dune by Denis Villeneuve, who lends his features to this professor of philosophy. If Mira is wondering, then, Jonathan wears blinders. He tries by all means to be conciliatory with his beloved in the hope of seeing their union continue.

Scenes of married life
Scenes from a Marriage ©OCS

Sunita Mani (Social Distance), Nicole Beharie (Little Fires Everywhere), Corey Stoll (This Is Where I Leave You) et Tovah Feldshuh (The Walking Dead) play the supporting roles of the miniseries. Also note that the stunning Michelle Williams (Manchester by the Sea) makes an appearance in the pilot of Scenes from a Marriage.

Where and when to watch the series?

You can find the five episodes of this contemporary adaptation exclusively on OCS from September 12 2021! So will you be alongside Mira and Jonathan on their journey through the ages of love ?

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