Scarlett Johansson: the best photos of the beginnings of a unique actress

Few girl actresses have passed into adolescence without losing their minds or creating a scandal as Scarlett Johansson did in her day (New York, 1984). Some say it is due to her reserved nature, self-assurance, and above-average intelligence that has been praised even by Woody Allen. Because with that strawberry face and a body full of curves, any other woman in her skin would have ended up like a broken toy. She does not. At 36 she is not only an extremely beautiful performer. It is also one of the most creditworthy in Hollywood. Her name on the bill is synonymous with success and when she raises her voice, even if she doesn’t always say what people expect, she is always respected. That Scarlett is today one of the main figures in this eventful industry is due to her mother, Melanie Sloan, a Russian-born film producer, whose obsession with the industry turned on her daughter since she was little. Even his name is from a movie by gone With the Wind. She explains it like this: “I was lucky and, although I was involved in different typical teenage situations, I was able to be very discreet. He didn’t have a flashy lifestyle either, maybe that helped. “

Let’s review those early years as an actress. The first time he appeared on the big screen, he was 10 years old. It was in the movie A boy named North, a children’s comedy starring Bruce Willis and Elijah Wood that garnered six nominations for the Razzie Awards, the dreaded accolades that highlight the worst jobs of the year. At 12 he got his first leading role in Manny and Lo, an orphan drama that passed without pain or glory, and a year later was part of the poster of Home alone 3, an infumable sequel. From there he landed in the tear film The man who whispered to the horses, signed by Robert Redford, and later co-starred with Thora Birch in the independent film Ghost World that put her on the map. The awards were taken by his partner, but she was up to the task. 2003 was the year of his takeoff with two films that earned him his first Golden Globe nominations: The girl of the pearl, alongside Colin Firth, and Lost in Translationby Sofía Coppola. For the latter he won the BAFTA. He was not yet 19.

Under the spotlight and in full view, Scarlett has grown up and worked with almost all the great directors (Woody Allen, Brian de Palma, Christopher Nolan …) and has starred in cult films such as Under the skin, Her O Isle of dogs. But he has also managed to combine his indie career with big blockbusters in the service of Marvel. She debuted in the role of Black Widow in 2010 with Iron Man. Repeated in The avengerss (2012), Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014), Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Captain Marvel (2019) and Avengers: Endgame (2019). And this Friday, July 9, Black widow, the first film starring her famous character, Natasha Romanoff, after 11 years devoted to the cause. Do not expect the resurrection of the Russian spy, but the journey to the past through the life of a woman that Scarlett herself defines as a feminist: “This film reflects what is happening in relation to the Time’s Up movement and the #MeeToo. It would be a shame if we didn’t address those things. It has been important for Cate Shortland (the director) to make a film about women helping other women who are in a difficult situation to lift themselves up. Someone asked me if Natasha was a feminist. Of course it is, obviously.

With a fortune valued at 140 million euros, thanks in part to these latest commercial film titles, Johansson has also starred in two films last year for which he has won two Oscar nominations for the first time in his career: Story of a marriage, with Adam Driver, and Jojo Rabbit, under the command of Taika Waititi. It is clear that the actress does not lose ground when it comes to quality cinema. And while, there it continues to look palm heart without anyone coughing it. By the way, Esquire has twice named her the sexiest woman in the world. Yes, we have good taste. And when someone reminds her, she, smarter than hunger, answers: “Yes, I am the first woman to get it twice because, at 28, I had to take advantage of those opportunities, right?”


Precocious actress

His mother, a frustrated film producer and performer, instilled in him her passion for the seventh art and Hollywood movies.


Model student

Since she was a child, she combined her studies at school with drama and singing classes in specialized centers.


Like a star

With 10 years he participated in the film A boy named North at 12 he starred in his first movie Manny and Lo. Even then she liked to put on makeup like a star.


Signed by Robert Redford

He was 14 when Robert Redford gave him a small role in his movie The man who whispered to the horses.


Like one more celebrity

It is true that Scarlett never starred in any scandal as a teenager, but she was a regular from a very young age at parties in the film industry.


The first success

Johansson starred in his first hit, Ghost World, with Thora Birch, in 2001. He was 17 years old and had an imposing physique. But she was always clear about it: “I don’t want to always have to be a glamorous woman, or become an object of desire.”


Like a diva

They say that his mother instilled in him the ways of the golden Hollywood. That is why he entered hotels with sunglasses and posed like few others at his age.


A committed woman

From a very young age, she has supported various charitable associations in the fight against cancer, racial discrimination and mistreatment of women.


Its take off

In 2003 she released two films for which she was nominated for the Golden Globes, The girl of the pearl Y Lost in Translation. For the latter he won a BAFTA.


A quiet teenager

Thanks to her reserved nature and her above-average intelligence, Scarlett’s fame has never risen to her head despite starting in this world so young.


Off-road artist

Scarlett Johansson also sings. In 2008 he published the album Anywhere I Lay My Head and a year later, Break Up. Both works entered the Billboard list of the 200 best-selling albums in the United States.


On the walk of fame

Johansson has had his star on the Walk of Fame since 2012. He has worked with the greats of Hollywood, in independent films and is part of the cast of Marvel. It is estimated that it has a net worth of 140 million euros.

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