Sarah Michelle Gellar had no intention of adopting another dog, but her love for animals grew stronger

World famous actress Sarah Michelle Gellar likes to surround herself with the presence of dogs. Very invested in the animal cause, she recently adopted a 3rd doggie who desperately needed a warm home.

The 45-year-old actress and her husband Freddie Prinze Jr. had until recently 2 big doggies who took up a lot of space in their hearts and in their house.

But they would soon meet franza small canine abandoned by its owners who could no longer provide for it.

Sarah and freddy met him with friends who had offered to act as a foster family until the unfortunate man found new masters.

“No, no, we already have 2. I also have 2 children and we work a lot. I can not do that “she replied to the couple who suggested that they adopt it.

However, when she spent some time alone with him, everything changed.

A new member of the family

The foster family immediately felt the bond that was gradually being created between the doggie and the headliner of Cruel Intentions or even of buffy the vampire slayer.

“They asked me if I could keep him for an hour”reported Sarah at People. Enough was enough for the young woman to decide never to be separated from franz.

The canine has therefore found a home of choice with 2 large congeners as well as 2 children as new traveling companions.

“The day before I didn’t know him and the next day I went to work with him as if he had always been my dog”, explained the actress. Since, franz makes his people happy.

“My children often say that I am stricter with them than with my doggies”she joked.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar has also been involved for several years in the animal cause.

This year again, it will take part in the 5th event programmed by Fresh Start which honors shelters that have banned euthanasia from their practices.

150,000 euros will be donated to various associations for the occasion. Sarah was commissioned to be the judge who will decide between the 16 organizations in the running.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar had no intention of adopting another dog, but her love for animals grew stronger