Sarah Michelle Gellar admits she was ‘nervous’ but ‘so excited’ her kids are going back to school

Sarah Michelle Gellar opened up to the wave of emotions after sending her children back to school for the first time since the pandemic.

So many parents have gotten used to their children being at home all day long as they have been kept away from school due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Now, as nature begins to heal, several schools across the country are back with various mask warrants and safety measures in place. Sarah Michelle Gellar open to HollywoodLa Vie in an EXCLUSIVE interview about her children’s return to class and the multitude of emotions she felt when they were on their way!

“It was mixed emotions! I was really happy for them. I was excited for them. I was nervous. I know our school has taken every precaution, but, you know, it’s still obviously tough times. And I missed them too! it sprang up. “It was calm! In the first hour, I had the impression Tom Cruise in Risky business, just run around the house and listen to the silence. And then about an hour later, I thought, ‘Oh, okay, they can go home now.’ Before the big day, Sarah Michelle shared a rare image of her son. Rocky, 9 years old and girl Charlotte, 11, with the caption “The day I thought would never come” as she sent them to school.

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Courtesy Shachtman PR)

Yet Sarah Michelle admitted that after “seeing their faces and being among their peers” she knew that being in school was “the best thing for them”. “I know how difficult it is to look at these screens and not connect with people. That’s the beauty of being human – the human interaction and connection, ”she said.

The Cruel intentions The star shared some back-to-school tips that other moms should consider this year, while discussing her partnership with Lysol. “I think number one is communication. We really need to talk to our children and understand that we are not pestering them to wash their hands that this That’s why we do it… in a clear and concise way, ”explained Sarah Michelle. “I think part of the problem now is that we are affected by so much constant information. I talked about wearing the mask and why we do it. And yes, sometimes it gets hard and it’s frustrating, but those are the reasons we do it.

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To help keep the conversation going, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lysol have joined forces for the brand’s “Buy One, Give One” disinfectant wipes program. Until September 26, each time a pack of Lysol® disinfectant wipes is purchased, another pack will automatically be donated to a school underfunded by the Kids In Need Foundation. Through the program, aimed at helping curb the spread of pathogens in schools during the start of the school year, a total of 16 million packs of Lysol disinfectant wipes will be donated to Title I schools across the country.

“I am so proud to continue my partnership with Lysol because they have taken it to a whole new level. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we have to be a community and we have to protect each other, ”explained Sarah Michelle. “It’s not just about protecting my kids, it’s about protecting your kids, protecting the kids from your friends, really being there as a community. To learn more about what Lysol is doing to promote healthy habits in schools and help reduce the spread of preventable diseases this back to school, visit

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