Sarah Jessica Parker, You’re 166 Million Richest For ‘Sex and the City’: Don’t Fail Us

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What to expect from the second part of Sex in New York? You would be a Martian or someone very out of publicity if you didn’t know that This December 9 has been released on HBO Max And just like that [Y tal que así, aunque el título no se ha traducido], the sequel to one of the most legendary series of the 1990s and 2000s, with three protagonists instead of the original four and with a lot of money behind.

I would love that Sex in New York It will return to its beginnings, to its disruptive essence. I would love for them to break the mold again, to be able to talk openly about the mood swings, the unbearable and unpleasant hot flashes of menopause, that instead of oozing botox from every pore of their skin they dare to take on the rust of time.

I would love that Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte and Miranda or what is the same, that Sarah Jessica Parker (56 years old), Kristin Davis (56) and Cynthia Nixon (55) They put aside the cult of the body, the pijerío and that they return to their essence, the one with which they irritated the most modest public of the 90s.

Still from the sequel to the series, ‘And just like that’


It has rained a lot since the last time we heard about the characters of the legendary series: 11 years since the last movie (Sex and the City 2) and 17 since the last episode broadcast by HBO -now HBO Max-, An American girl in Paris (part 2). Its main protagonist and producer, Jessica Parker, is still married, yes, with her husband since 1997, with whom she has three children in common, although rumors about his infidelities -the actor Matthew Broderick (59)- they are constant. Of course, the actress -who measures 1.60 and is characterized by wearing very high heels on the screen- is at least 166 million dollars richer [sólo con lo ganado por el show televisivo y las dos películas] that when the series began and his bank account will get even bigger with the just-released sequel.

During the 94 episodes aired in six seasons between 1998 and 2004, the four protagonists of Sex in New York they amazed the world talking about open sex, sporadic relationships, sex toys and multi-orgasms; sometimes they even talked about love.

There was talk of open sex, sex toys and multi-orgasms

The girls brunch through in Magnolia Bakery for example, they shared their sexual experiences without any prejudice. The protagonists of Sex in New York they were four women who reified men as they had reified us. What if, When we got together we girls talked about sex and, of course, penis size, because size matters, especially when it doesn’t measure up. More than one thought that these quotes were the product of science fiction. I can promise and I promise, no.

What to expect from the second part of And just like that? Of course they are capable of shout to the world that women of 50 are not a waste, although we no longer look like the palm of yesteryear. Despite our crow’s feet, our gray hair and our wrinkles we fuck, we can lead a healthy life and we have many things to do. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that Miranda, from her pragmatism, is able to uncover all these taboos, which are not talked about nowadays neither in the cinema nor in the series.

Still from Sex and the City, season 2, aired in 1999.

Still from Sex and the City, season 2, aired in 1999.


I would have liked that between cosmopolitan and cosmopolitan in And jparagraph like that they will talk about the ‘agephobia’ that flits through this hedonistic society that they feed. They, for now, after the first two chapters of this sequel, it seems that they are the same pijazas trifles derived from his latest appearances. Miranda, Charlotte and Carrie are today the same age as Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, those unforgettable Golden girls that oozed caustic humor and that have left this second stage of Sex in New York at the height of the slippers.

Just because I don’t imagine these 21st century cheesy flirting on Bumble (the Tinder across the pond) doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. The truth is the one who would have been an expert in cyber affairs is not. Samantha (Kim Cattrall) has been banned by Sarah Jessica Parker and her colleagues (now also producers). Her personal disagreements will leave us without knowing what happened to the veteran of the group, the liberated one, the only one of the four friends who was able to fuck without a bra.

Actress Kim Cattrall, who played Samantha, has been banned for this sequel by Sarah Jessica Parker

The quarrel between the actresses comes from afar. From the moment the second season of Sex in New York. When the story stopped being an adaptation of the eponymous book by Candace Bushmell and took on a life of its own in favor of Sarah Jessica Parker. The series changed course, It ended up being the story of four New York snobs who represented four stereotypes of women.. Unreal in appearance, real inside.

More salary than her colleagues

As an executive producer, the first decision that Sarah Jessica Parker made was to raise her salary well above that of her colleagues, something that fell like a time bomb to the British woman aware that, at that time, whether they liked it or not, she was the one. most famous face of the series.

The four original actresses of Sex and the City. The two Golden Globes are held by rivals Sarah Jessica Parker and KIm Cattrall.

The four original actresses of Sex and the City. The two Golden Globes are held by rivals Sarah Jessica Parker and KIm Cattrall.

The disagreements between the quartet increased in proportion to the success of the series. It was three against one. The The Parker, Nixon and Davis side got to the point where they didn’t even share a table with Cattrall on the set..

In 2004, Kim admitted to the show from Jonathan Ross that money was still an issue when it came to trading season seven. “I felt that after six years it was time for all of us to share in the financial windfall of Sex in New YorkDespite her confession, the actress left open the possibility of playing Samantha again. She returned in both versions of the big screen, not in the television sequel, for which she has been boycotted by her three companions, especially by Sarah Jessica Parker.

At five foot six and a peculiar physique, this blonde from Ohio never imagined that thanks to Carrie Bradshaw would become an icon of fashion, dating relationships and women’s sexual life in vibrant late 20th century New York City. It is difficult to discern where the character ends and where the person begins. Sex in New York is Sarah Jessica Parker who, in turn, has been engulfed by Carrie Bradshaw.

A very young Sarah Jessica Parker, at the beginning of her career.

A very young Sarah Jessica Parker, at the beginning of her career.


Born on March 25, 1965, Sarah Jessica is the fourth of eight siblings, the daughter of teacher Barbara Keck and journalist Stephen Parker. After a gray adolescence, professional success came in parallel with the staff. For seven years she had a romantic relationship with Robert Downey Jr. They met in 1984 on the set of A stranger at home and two weeks later they were already living together. None of them had turned 20. Lovingly in love, he bought the old house of Charles Chaplin (the character with whose performance he would reconcile with the industry in the future) and there they settled with Mr. Smith and Mr. Scout, their two cats Persians.

The addiction to drugs Iron Man ended the courtship. That break threw a still unknown actress into the arms of John Kennedy Jr. Yes, Sarah Jessica Parker was the girlfriend of the prince from the USA, the sexiest man alive in the worldHow did you rate it? People Weekly. They met at a theater performance. For six months, their quotes made the covers of the layer National and international. I never had any idea what real fame was until I met John, “she confessed after their separation. Sarah could not bear the pressure of the press and got out of the way.

John F. Kennedy Jr.

In 1992, she ran into what appears to be the man of her life, Matthew Broderick. The couple married in full success of Sex in New York. The filming of the fifth season was absolutely governed by the pregnancy of the one who had already emerged as the protagonist of the series. What started as a choral story had turned into a plot where all the actors pivoted around Carrie.

If Carrie Bradshaw has her Mr Big, Sarah has Mr M. with whom she has just completed 24 years of marriage. The couple lives in New York, the city that fell in love with their alter ego. Neighbors of the West Village, they reside in a building whose facade is reminiscent of Carrie’s cute and tiny apartment. However, the Parker-Broderick home is a 1,300-square-meter mansion, spread over five floors and with a 200-meter patio. Its value exceeds 30 million dollars.

If there is one thing that distinguishes Sarah from Carrie, it is motherhood.

If there is one thing that distinguishes Sarah from Carrie, it is motherhood. In 2002 James Wilkie, his first-born son, was born. Seven years later the couple decided to increase the family with the twins Marion and Tabitha, a birth that came surrounded by controversy. The actress, who was 44 years old at the time, and her husband (47) decided to have them through a surrogate. On the one hand, as soon as the news was published, the incubator mother suffered the troubles of paparazzi curiosity. For another, The actress was accused of choosing this method so as not to deform her physique and to be able to continue with her acting work. She denied it and justified the decision because “it was the only way to become parents again after years of trying.”

Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband Matthew Broderick, in 2019.

Sarah Jessica Parker with her husband Matthew Broderick, in 2019.


The actress has built her fortune around her television and film career, largely thanks to Carrie Bradshaw. Sarah Jessica is estimated to have earned $ 138 million for the 46 episodes of the fourth, fifth and sixth seasons of Sex in New York, $ 13 million for the first film in the series and $ 15 million for the second.

In 2003 Parker presto his envied Garnier hair, the following year he signed a $ 38 million deal with Gap. Member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America, he has a line of fragrances that he sells through his company SJP Beauty. It also boasts its own line of shoes, launched in 2014, and baptized as Collection SJP, very much in the line of manolos for which Carrie Bradshaw lost the roles in the series. Sarah and Carrie, Carrie and Sarah, so much ride, ride so much. They owe everything to each other.

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Sarah Jessica Parker, You’re 166 Million Richest For ‘Sex and the City’: Don’t Fail Us