Samuel L. Jackson Explains Why He Still Loves Playing MCU’s Nick Fury

As one of the true oldest members of the MCU, Samuel L. Jackson will continue his run as Nick Fury in the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney+ Series, Plus Rumored Appearance in Captain Marvel Movie Wonders early next year. First appeared on the post-credits stage of Iron Man to recruit Tony Stark into his “Avengers Initiative”, Jackson has appeared frequently throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, sometimes in pivotal roles and others, such as in Avengers: Endgamelike a small cameo role that reminds everyone that he’s still a part of this world.

Now Jackson is finally getting a headlining role as Fury in the Secret Invasion TV series, which is slated to arrive later this year or early 2023. With his character still seeming to have a big part to play in the evolution of the MCU’s narrative, Jackson recently told Collider why he still enjoys playing Nick Fury. He said:

” Yeah. I love Nick Fury. Sure. Go on. He’s a guy who doesn’t have superpowers, who deals with people who have superpowers, and they let him,” Jackson told the site. “It’s something special about him. He’s a leader of very different men, in another way. It’s very satisfying to be part of a world that I admired for so long as a child. I always buy comics. I always go to comic book stores. I always read them. But being able to be that character in there is the same as when I was doing Afro Samurai, or any of those comic book characters. It means something to be part of a cultural canon that people revere and respect, in another way. »

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury Is An MCU Kingpin

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After being tasked with rounding up the Avengers, fighting alongside Captain Marvel, and helping prevent the end of the world, Nick Fury is the one person who has been at the forefront of every Marvel battle even though he’s drawn the strings from a distance. In Spider-Man: Far From Homeit seemed that Fury was constantly at Peter Parker’s side until the last moment, the movie reversed this to show that Fury was actually off-world and the character seen during the movie was a Skrull instead.

This post-credits scene, which saw the return of the Skrulls from Captain Marvelwas used to set up the Secret Invasion storyline that will now play out on Disney+. Jackson will reprise his role as Nick Fury and appear alongside Ben Mendelsohn as Skrull Talos, Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, Don Cheadle as War Machine, Martin Freeman as Everett Ross and the MCU newcomer Emilia Clarke. The series was filmed recently and although it was initially announced that it would join this year’s lineup of Marvel offerings on Disney+, following other shows like She-Hulk appearing to be pushed back a bit from their supposed release dates, it seems likely that we won’t see the series arrive now until early next year.

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Samuel L. Jackson Explains Why He Still Loves Playing MCU’s Nick Fury