Salma Hayek’s reaction to eating the spiciest live

One of the strangest interviews that has become daily on the networks is the one carried out by the people in charge of First we feast. On the program, figures like Matt Damon Where Mila Kunis they are subjected to the most particular challenges: they must taste the hottest sauces while being interviewed by the host a spectacle. The last to be part was the Mexican actress Salma Hayek, that he couldn’t resist so much irritation in his mouth.

As part of the promotion of his recent film, Eternals, the actress tried a sauce called A bomb, which appears to be the hottest on the market. After completing the challenge, Salma Hayek he could still see tears in his eyes from the irritation from the chili that is part of the ingredients in a salad dressing which, while incredible, is marketed.

“It’s not like a sauce that people use to prank their friends”, said the actress of wonder. He also hinted that the only justification anyone would try this sauce is to simply say “I am a male, I can eat this”. In addition, he pointed out that the bandage gives the impression that the “The tongue is about to melt and that’s not a good thing”.

Who owns the voice in Eternals’ second post-credit scene

Who could see Eternals they know very well that, once again, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) one of his films ends with not one but two post-credit sequences. The first is the one that seems the most obvious of all, with a new character who joins the saga with one of the figures of the moment. If you haven’t read anything about it, you can enter this link where you will find, with spoilers, details of what happened.

The second sequence is the most cryptic of all, since it can only be seen Kit harington in the skin of Danish Pentecost by opening a chest with a sword. With said element, Danish could become Black Knight, but right before you take it, someone asks if you are ready for what may happen. It is Mahershala Ali, which was chosen to bring to life Lame in the MCU in a movie that won’t be seen until 2023, and possibly has the return of Harington.

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Salma Hayek’s reaction to eating the spiciest live