Salma Hayek between life and death, she breaks the silence on this drama!

It doesn’t only happen to others! Still weakened by the disease and the trauma suffered, Salma Hayek gives herself up like never before!

Salma Hayek had the fear of her life!

For a year and a half, social networks have never been so frequented. Indeed, many celebrities use it to keep the link with their fans. Between the shootings and the tours interrupted with the Covid-19, we also discover the homes of our favorite artists. During the first confinement, Objeko remembers Ary Abittan who organized a musical aperitif every evening. Unfortunately, we sometimes learn painful news about their state of health. Proof being, the story of Salma Hayek has something to think about! We are very little in the face of a pandemic …

A shocking sentence!

Before starting to tell you the hell of Salma Hayek, the editorial staff spoke of the ordeal of the singer Pink. As you might have guessed, she contracted a severe form of the coronavirus. One that requires hospitalization and competent staff at his side at all times. Completely afraid of her condition, she even confides that she has started writing her last wishes. “I got to the point where I thought it was over for me. I called my best friend and told herI need you to tell Willow how much I love her‘. It was really critical and very terrifying.”Unbelievable to be at this point of desolation, and yet it is unfortunately frequent. Since we do not yet have effective remedies against the disease, it is absolutely necessary to be vaccinated or to protect yourself. It is only by carrying out a collective strategy that we will be able to come out with honors.

In France, it is the singer Moundir who unfortunately lived through difficult weeks. Not fully recovered from this health episode, he wants to share his experience with as many people as possible. Especially to young people who feel invincible! How could this force of nature sink to such an extent? In any case, Salma Hayek will never forget this moment when everything rocked me. Although her condition required hospital treatment, she refused to attend. Addressed to her worried doctor, she will have this terribly shocking sentence for her fans around the world. ‘No thanks. I prefer to die at home ”

A long crossing of the desert

For seven long, horrible weeks, Salma Hayek will not see the light of day. As for her relatives, namely her husband and her little daughter, it is impossible to approach her and even less to appease her torments. Sometimes just a glance can be enough to calm things down, at least psychologically speaking. Permanently put on oxygen, she no longer had any notion of reality. Moreover, since she chose to stay permanently, she had to be patient before her body began to function naturally.

Today Salma Hayek has not really recovered from this ordeal. However, she decided to participate in the great adventure proposed by Ridley Scott. In the biopic on Gucci, she will give the answer to Lady Gaga, but also Adam Driver. Yes, it’s a small role, but it’s borderline so much the better. That’s all she needs to regain her strength. She confided in our colleagues from Variety. “It didn’t take a long time. It was pretty easy. It really was the perfect project to just get back to work. ”

Patience, she is coming!

Moreover, this little anecdote says a lot about his physical condition. “At first it started with Zoom meetings, but I couldn’t do too much because I got tired quickly.”At Objeko, we wish her a good recovery and we can not wait to discover her in this project. More than a rebirth, it’s now that she needs you dear fans!