Salma Hayek and Adele wear the same monochrome style will become the trend 2022

Salma Hayek and Adele are two of the greatest artists in the entertainment world, so they are influential women in fashion and style.

When famous women coincide in their looks, it is a sign that these will become a relevant trend for the whole world, especially when this happens on important dates.

With the arrival of winter and the holiday season getting closer and closer, those trends that become relevant are already beginning to be noticed not only for the end of the year, but for the first seasons of 2022.

This was just what happened with Salma Hayek and Adele, who wore very similar looks, so they became an inspiration for thousands of women.

Although both have particular and different styles, in this case they surprised the world by showing looks monocromáticos that point towards elegance and classic trends.

Salma Hayek is known for betting on classic and simple stylesAlthough she is a lover of haute couture, simplicity is what makes her stand out at any important event within the industry.

Secondly, Adele is usually a bit more risky, with flashy outfits, but just as elegant. Enjoy bulky, edgy garments, as long as they have a classic vibe.

Salma Hayek and Adele with the ideal monochrome style to highlight elegance

Both artists recently appeared in white monochromatic outfits., a selection that not only highlights elegance in every way, but also highlights the classic trend.

White will always be a tone that shows the most powerful, imposing and sophisticated which is a woman. All these characteristics go perfectly with the stages that both the singer and the actress go through.

While Adele has stolen the glances for her physical transformation and his new musical releases, Salma triumphs for her participation in the new Marvel movie “Eternals“As well as the new film” House of Gucci. “

During an interview for Ellen DeGeneres, Salma appeared in a blazer suit and white pants.

The actress opted for contrast and combined her suit with a top and black shoes.

Secondly, Adele attended an interview with Oprah Winfrey and wore a blazer and pants suit completely white, which he combined with shoes of the same tone.

Both stood out with similar styles, however each one contributed its own essence and they dazzled in a unique way.

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Salma Hayek and Adele wear the same monochrome style will become the trend 2022