Sally Field, Hollywood girl power

Sally Field, in a scene from a movie.

Actress with the ability not only to choose jobs but also to impose directors and co-stars, she has also been involved in the production of many of her films and has directed three


She has just turned 75 and for several decades has been one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Sally Field (Pasadena, November 6, 1946), is an actress with the ability not only to choose jobs but also to impose directors and castmates, also getting involved in the production of many of her films, and having directed three.

Sally Margaret Field, winner of two Oscars for best actress for ‘Norma Rae’ (1979) and ‘In a place of the heart’ (1984) studied acting with Lee Strasberg. His beginnings are linked to television with the ABC series ‘Gidget’ (1965-66), where he played a surfer crazy about boys. The ABC was satisfied with the work of the actress, who created for her the series ‘The Flying Nun’ (‘The flying novice’). After other television appearances that classified her as “the girl next door”, Lee Strasberg came to her aid, helping her overcome that image fostered by television. Field was chosen as the lead in the TV movie ‘Sybil’, where she played a young woman afflicted with multiple personality disorder, winning an award for best actress, and thus breaking her typecasting.

In 1977, Field co-stars with Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason, the second highest grossing film of the year, ‘Los caraduras’, and in 1979, she played a union leader in ‘Norma Rae’, a film that established her as a dramatic actress, achieving the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival and the Best Actress Oscar. Field returned to work with Reynolds on three more films: “The End,” “Hooper,” and the sequel “The Cheeks Are Back.” And the actress continues her works of very different women when in 1981, she plays a foul-mouthed prostitute alongside Tommy Lee Jones in “Back Roads,” a southern comedy. And then she receives Golden Globe nominations as a dramatic actress in 1981 for ‘Absence of Malice’ and as a comedy actress in 1982 for ‘Kiss me and go away’, directed respectively by Sydney Pollack and Robert Mulligan.

In 1984 Robert Benton claimed her for ‘In a place of the heart’, a film with which he achieved his second Oscar. Field is already one of the queens of Hollywood, but his fame is not used to promote his glamor but to establish himself in the film industry, and he begins to participate in the production of his films. In 1985, he co-starred with James Garner in the romantic comedy ‘Murphy’s Romance’, which according to the actor, the kiss that Gardner and Field gave each other on screen, was cited by the actor in his memoirs as the best cinematic kiss ever. Dyed. The following year, Field appeared on the cover of the March 1986 issue of Playboy magazine, and in 1989, for her role as matriarch in the film version of ‘Steel Magnolias’, she was again nominated for a Golden Globe for The best actress.

The 20th century ended for Sally Field different characters in other films such as’ Mrs. Doubtfire ‘(1993) and was the mother of Tom Hanks in’ Forrest Gump ‘(1994), even though she was only 10 years older than Hanks. Other Field films of the 90s were ‘Not without my daughter’, a controversial thriller based on the real experience of the flight from Iran of an American married to an Iranian, with her daughter, or ‘Scandal on the set’ , a comedy in which he played a spoiled soap opera star. In 1996, Field received the Berlinale Camera Award at the 46th Berlin Film Festival for her role as a vigilante mother in John Schlesinger’s film ‘An Eye for an Eye’. And in 2000 he co-stars with Natalie Portman in “The Force of Love.”

Field’s directing career began with the 1996 television movie ‘The Christmas Tree’. In 1998, she directed the episode ‘The Original Wives’ Club’ of the television miniseries’ From the Earth to the Moon ‘, in the who also plays a character, and in 2000, directs the feature film ‘Beautiful’.

Her career as an actress in the 21st century begins with ‘Tell me it’s not true’, along with Heather Graham, and in 2003 she co-stars with Reese Witherspoon in ‘A Very Legal Blonde 2’. As well as participating in various television series, in 2006 she starred in ‘Two Weeks’, and won the 2007 Emmy Award for Best Leading Actress in a Dramatic Series for ‘Brothers & Sisters’.

2012 will be another key year in her professional career: Steven Spielberg claims her for his ‘Lincoln’, along with Daniel Day-Lewis, for which she was nominated as best supporting actress at the Oscars, Golden Globes and BAFTAs. In addition, enter the universe of superheroes through the front door with ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, playing Aunt May, a character that she would play again in the 2014 sequel. And in 2017 she triumphs on Broadway interpreting ‘The Zoo of cristal ‘, work for which she was nominated for a Tony for Best Actress.

Field returns to television in 2018, starring in the Netflix miniseries ‘Maniac’, and in 2020 with the AMC series ‘Dispatches from Elsewhere’. The actress, director and producer published her memoirs in 2018, titled ‘In Pieces’.

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Sally Field, Hollywood girl power