Ryan Reynolds: this wonderful gesture for a fan with cancer

Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds sent a very touching video to one of his fans, who has cancer and whose story has taken on national significance in Canada.

Notably known for his role as Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds is regularly noticed for his humor on social networks, whether to make fun of his wife Blake Lively or to provoke his friend Hugh Jackman. This time he got much more serious when he sent a 30-second video to Julie Rohr, a Canadian with cancer : “Hi Julie, this is Ryan Reynolds, I just wanted to send you this little video to let you know I was thinking of you. I heard a little bit about your story and one of the things that struck me is that you have people around you who love you, so many people that your story reached me in Boston“.

Ryan Renyolds therefore expressed his support for Julie, who fights against disease on a hospital bed: “I wanted to send you lots of love, tell you to stay strong and hope to one day have the opportunity to meet you in person“. This message has very touched Julie Rohr, who replied on Twitter: “This message from Ryan Reynolds, oh my god my heart is ready to explode. I am so moved and honored, thank you for being so kind to send this message!“.

Julie Rohr’s story touched all of Canada

Julie Rohr’s story has been much shared in Canada and Ryan Reynolds isn’t the only one to show his support for his compatriot. Players Dan and Eugene Levy, who notably play in the series Schitt’s Creek, also sent videos to Julie, who was very touched: “Thanks to Dan Levy and the whole cast of Schitt’s Creek, your show has been with me through some very difficult nights battling illness, laughter has been my medicine. Thank you for this gift“. Canadian singer Chantal Kreviazuk went even further in talking about twenty minutes with Julie and her husband by Facetime.

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