Ryan Reynolds roasts Blake Lively on her birthday honoring Mariah Carey

Blake Lively’s birthday is August 25 – but according to her husband, Ryan Reynolds, there’s another bigger reason to celebrate the day this year.

Over the weekend, Reynolds, 44, posted a video on TikTok that shows him lip-syncing to Mariah Carey’s 1995 song “Fantasy,” which features prominently in her latest film, ” Free Guy ”. On Wednesday, Carey responded to his post using the app’s “duo” feature. She lip-synced to the song and didn’t seem overly impressed with the actor’s performance.

But that didn’t diminish Reynolds’ excitement as the music legend responded. “My favorite thing that happened on August 25,” Reynolds wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of her video.

For Ryan Reynolds, a stellar ride with Mariah Carey might be more exciting than his wife’s birthday. vancityreynolds / Instagram

The image has caused a stir on TODAY.

“Reynolds marked her special day by not marking it at all,” Carson Daly joked, as the other co-hosts laughed during PopStart.

While Reynolds may have other priorities, Lively, 34, seemed to enjoy celebrating her birthday earlier this year. Over the weekend, she posted a video of her twirling around in a glamorous green dress worthy of a fairytale.

Reynolds is known for his sense of humor and for teasing his wife on her birthday. In 2019, he posted a bunch of photos that showed her unprepared for the camera, and by 2017, the image he shared had almost completely cropped Lively.

However, Lively also got her own licks. At the start of the pandemic, she posted a photo of her questionable quarantine hairstyle and challenged fans to “forget about it every time you see it for the rest of eternity.”

The former “Gossip Girl” star also brings her unique sense of humor to Reynolds birthdays. In 2019, on her 43rd birthday, she shared a wacky photo of herself with a finger up her husband’s nose and a joke about how she “picked” a good man.

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