Ryan Reynolds once named his favourite movie from his career

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Apart from the bastion of the spectacle of cinema itself, Tom Cruise, we can’t think of another celebrity who typifies the frenetic eccentricity of Hollywood better than Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool actor, who is pretty similar to his Marvel counterpart in the real world, minus the throat-slitting, has become a key fixture of the contemporary industry, magnetising his own legion of loyal fans in the process.

Though he was active on the big and small screen throughout the 1990s, Reynolds’ chance at Hollywood stardom wouldn’t come until the following decade, appearing in a variety of comedies until he appeared in a pretty significant role in another Marvel movie, 2004’s Blade: Trinity. Roles in countless romantic comedies and action flicks would follow, but Reynolds only really found luck when it came to the superhero market. 

In 2009, he played Deadpool for the very first time, albeit a half-baked version that Marvel would later regret, but it still set the wheels in motion for his later success, stumbling once more in 2011’s Green Lantern, a movie he entirely regrets making, before he found home in the form of 2016’s official Deadpool flick. Born to play the role of the ‘Merc with a Mouth’, Reynolds has essentially recycled his Deadpool character for every film ever since, playing the lethal, wise-cracking badass time and time again.

As a result, you’d think that Deadpool was Reynolds’ favourite movie from his career, yet, alas, he has chosen another fan favourite. 

Commenting on the release of a brand-new magazine cover that featured his 2021 movie Free Guy, Reynolds tweeted: “Love this Free Guy cover by Total Film. It’s my all-time favorite film I’ve ever done. Just an absolute fastball of joy”. 

A movie made for people who love gaming, Free Guy tells the story of a bank teller who discovers he’s a non-playable character in a gory open-world video game akin to the universe of Grand Theft Auto. Yet, upon this discovery, he sets out to become the hero of the story he was never supposed to star in, taking responsibility for the world of the game to save its future. 

Earning $331.5million at the box office, Free Guy received a lot of love, both critically and commercially, upon its release. A fun-loving treat of bombastic Hollywood fun, Reynolds led the movie with style, co-starring alongside the likes of Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Taika Waititi, Joe Keery and Channing Tatum. 

Take a look at Reynolds’ post below and enjoy the trailer for the unlikely Hollywood hit.

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Ryan Reynolds once named his favourite movie from his career