Ryan Reynolds confused with Affleck, talks about JLo

Ryan Reynolds mistakenly answers Jennifer Lopez’s questions | .

the actor Canadian-American Ryan Reynolds confessed in an interview that he sometimes answered questions fans asked him. Jennifer Lopez why is he doing this?

Oddly enough, the 45-year-old histrion was mistaken for years in a pizzeria in the East Village of New York, precisely with Ben Affleck, the current boyfriend of the famous actress of Puerto Rican origin.

The protagonist of Deadpool Ryan Reynolds He has a very pleasant humor and personality, he is known for making jokes on his friends, especially Hugh Jackman and especially his wife Blacke Lively, it’s always fun to watch him and know what new idea he’s going to come up with.

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He mentioned in the Dear Hank and John podcast that every time he visits the pizzeria, the workers confuse him with the protagonist of Gigli with his girlfriend the Diva of the Bronx, oddly he does not bother to correct them.

Ryan Reynolds et sa femme Blake Lively | .

There were times when they asked him how Jennifer Lopez was doing, to which he simply replied that he was doing great, the best, later he takes his order and leaves the store.

Jokingly so to speak, he tends to pull back with his “annoyed” face, so the workers out there find themselves thinking that con ben affleck he doesn’t like that kind of question.

It’s worth mentioning that Reynolds usually doesn’t take advantage of his fame or confuse him with Ben, like any other customer takes their order, takes their turn, pays, and leaves like any other normal person would.

Although physically they don’t have such an exact likeness, it’s probably because of the beards and how good-looking they could be, oddly enough this isn’t the first time something similar has happened with celebrities. , it is something that occurs from the Most common.

Another actor with whom they often confuse the protagonist of “Free Guy: Taking Control”, is Ryan Gosling who is also Canadian, he was born on November 12, 1980 in London, Canada, while Reynolds was born on October 23, 1974 in Vancouver. , Canada.

In addition to their physical resemblance they have the same name, which is why the public tends to confuse them even more, in fact this error is more well known than that of Ben Affleck, it happened so constantly that now they do not answer that cheerfully as if they were each other.

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Ryan Reynolds confused with Affleck, talks about JLo