Ryan Reynolds confesses that he hates a well-known Hollywood actor with whom he does not want to work again

ryan reynolds, preparing Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman, has revealed that there is a Hollywood star with whom he would never work again due to how unbearable it was to shoot with him. Reynolds, like that directors like James Gunn and actors like Brad Pitt, does not want to coincide with a well-known interpreter. And yes, we are talking about Wesley Snipes.

Ryan Reynolds and Wesley Snipes can’t even see each other: The actor from deadpool does not want to work with him again in life

Reynolds, thus confirms the incessant rumors who claimed that both he and Snipes could not even see each other after the traumatic filming of Blade Trinity, the third installment of marvel’s vampire hunter. The filming of the last part of the trilogy was a real hell, with Snipes being late for his scenes, constant fights with the creative team and various rudeness. Despite the fact that Reynolds tends to fall in favor in all the filming and maintains a healthy climate in his films, in Blade Trinity it was practically impossible.

Blade Trinity

Now, nearly twenty years after its original release, Reynolds has confessed and explained in an interview how unbearable and difficult to treat Wesley Snipes seemed to him during the filming of the film. “For me, the most difficult thing was dealing with his non-existent sense of humor”says Reynolds. “I’ve never met Wesley, I’ve only met Blade, and he’s a method actor.”adds the protagonist of The Adam Project. Wesley Snipes, apparently, came in disguised as Blade and got so into the role that he wouldn’t allow his teammates to talk to him about him without embodying the vampire slayer. reynolds I tried to break the ice on more than one occasion, but it was impossible.

The filming of Blade Trinity was hell: Snipes and Reynolds couldn’t stand each other

Behind the shock, Ryan Reynolds left Snipes on his own, who by then had already accumulated the odd controversy on set. “I don’t think leaving fake vomit in his trailer was something I was willing to risk my life for in those days,” Blake Lively’s husband admits with a laugh. But there is more. Wesley Snipes did not swallow the protagonist of Green Lanternusing the derogatory term cracker to refer to, an Anglo-Saxon word used to put down white people. Actors and crew members confirmed that Wesley Snipes tried not to address him directly, and used other cast members as intermediaries.

snipes, who still misses the role of Bladehas fantasized about returning to Marvel or even dropping by some movie or series Star Wars. For now, the next one in Reynolds’ superhero movies, which he is preparing Deadpool 3 which will be released in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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Ryan Reynolds confesses that he hates a well-known Hollywood actor with whom he does not want to work again