Russell Brand calls ‘Russiagate’ a ‘democratic conspiracy’

sYossel Brand, a Hollywood actor turned freelance commentator, broke with his broader left group and described allegations that former President Donald Trump’s campaign colluded with Russia as a “democratic conspiracy.”

Brand, who hails from the UK, posted a Video On his YouTube channel on Sept. 23 in response to a comment on the recent grand jury indictment of Special Counsel John Durham’s Inquiry into the origins and conduct of the Russia investigation.

“I am amazed, amazed, amazed and amazed by this revelation that Russiagate was a Democratic conspiracy,” Brand said.

Brand said the widespread acceptance of allegations from a secret electronic channel between the Trump Company and Russia’s Alpha Bank at the end of the 2016 campaign among the media did not indicate a partnership that had a healthy relationship with the truth. The brand was specifically reacting to his mention. Blog post Written by journalist Glenn Greenwald.

An indictment filed by a grand jury this month accuses Michael Sussman, a former attorney at the Perkins Coe law firm, of falsely telling the FBI’s chief attorney that he was not representing any clients when acting on behalf of a technology executive and the campaign. of Hillary Clinton during a September 2016 meeting. Contains information on alleged contact with Alfa Bank and Trump.

Sussman Not guilty Accused of lying to the FBI on Friday, and lawyers insisted that he never said he had no agents and represented him. Just the tech executive At the meeting five years ago.

BRAND RUSSELL: BIG TECH and MEDIA EXPRESSED HUNTER BIDEN STORY “because they didn’t want to influence the elections”

The FBI investigated the findings of a small group of computer scientists linking Trump’s business empire to the Kremlin-linked bank in Moscow, but could find no supporting evidence, the Justice Department Inspector General. reported end of 2019. Alfa Bank He also denied these accusations..

After completing a high-profile investigation in the first half of 2019, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team could not find a criminal plot between Trump’s victorious campaign and Russia, but the idea of ​​coordination with the Kremlin Never fades. Now, almost two and a half years later, Durham is ending a criminal investigation into the origins and conduct of the Russian investigation.

“I remember that it was seen as a crucial issue. It was discussed in such a way as if it were an absolute truth, ”Brand said. From beyond the frustration because you begin to wonder and inquire about other things that may not be true. Once you realize that people create certain facts to achieve certain ends and goals, the idea that you could trust their integrity visibly fades. “

“This in itself is a big enough topic to be worrisome, but what else is implied?” added. “I suppose that what I think it is, he suggests, indicates that it is all a kind of construction. All the information that is published and presented is not reliable. The main function is to create a situation where people do not ask or ask and are in line with the decrees and ideas that suit the powerful, and the truth is simply lost and has nothing to do with convenience. “


Brand, who said he is not a Trump supporter, concluded that both parties are “useless to normal people like you and me and it will never happen until the relationship between the government, the media, big technology and big business is broken. investigate properly, even if it exists ”. some actual regulation, even there must be a commitment to authenticity, truth and an open mind. “

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