Rooney Mara reiterates how perfect David Fincher is

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After Freddy, the claws of the night, Rooney Mara wanted to end her acting career, but David Fincher helped him regain a taste for the profession thanks to Millenium – The men who didn’t like women.

Rooney Mara’s latest career choices have further confirmed his value and his requirement. After appearing in front of Guillermo del Toro’s camera in Nightmare Alleyshe will play opposite Jessie Buckley, Claire Foy and Frances McDormand in Sarah Polley’s next film, Women Talking. After which, the actress will star in The Islandwith Joaquin Phoenixand Polariswith Joaquin Phoenix again.

An involvement in a number of beautiful projects which almost never happened since the actress thought for a time of ending her career after a painful experience on Freddy, the claws of the night (which she has already mentioned many times).

Even today, she gives a layer, and recalls that her meeting with David Fincher was decisive.

Freddy, the claws of the night: photoHis worst nightmare

To the podcast LaunchLeftRooney Mara recalled that if she continued to make films, it is thanks to David Fincher :

“A few years before Millenium – The men who didn’t like women, I had done a remake of Freddy, the claws of the night, which was not a good experience. […] I’ve gotten to this point, and where I still am, where I don’t want to act out unless I’m doing things that I feel like I have to do. After making this film, I decided not to act anymore unless it was something worthwhile, and I had an audition for The Social Network […] and I didn’t work after until Millenium.

David [Fincher] didn’t want to audition me because he thought I wasn’t cut out for the part. […] I insisted and then he had to fight a lot to get me, because the studio didn’t want me. It was a real turning point in my life and career. […] I worked on the film for a year straight. David really took me under his wing. He became my mentor in many ways. He took great pains to make sure I knew I had a voice and that my opinion mattered. He constantly gave me power, which I think really influenced the rest of my choices after that. »

Millenium - The men who didn't like women: photo, Rooney Mara, Daniel CraigNow she’s leading the dance

Even if Rooney Mara did not reveal behind the scenes of the horrific remake (politeness or wooden language obliges), David Fincher was at first the only one to believe in her. After freddiehe cast her for a small but memorable appearance in The Social Networkbefore giving her the role of Lisbeth Salander, which earned her a more than deserved Oscar nomination.

The director’s working method allowed the actress to assert herself and to think about the projects in which she really wanted to get involved, but that, in truth, she first showed tenaciously by proving to the master that she would be his Lisbeth Salander. Too bad the movie didn’t do enough at the box office to get a sequel.

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Rooney Mara reiterates how perfect David Fincher is