Romantic comedy star Hugh Grant turns 61

Hugh Grant, the quintessential actor in romantic comedies, turns 61 today.

For years the British actor has been earning a place among the stars of Hollywood and now enjoys fame and prestige. A Golden Globe, a BAFTA and an honorary César Award are proof of this.

With more than 25 films behind him, as well as series and collaborations, Grant (@HackedOffHugh) has always been accompanied by rivers of ink to talk about both his professional and personal profile, and it is that his private life sometimes overshadowed his roles.

Despite his reputation as a womanizer and having garnered a long list of partners, it seems that in the last three years he has found stability with the Swedish filmmaker Ana Eberstein with whom he has 3 children. (To which must be added the two he had with a Chinese public relations).

Famous in the 90s and early 2000s for a multitude of films, especially romantic comedies, stardom led him to perform eccentricities that only a great Hollywood figure can afford. Among them is for example the fly directly from New York to England to play golf or pay 300,000 euros for a dinner at home with former Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev.

Being a Hollywood star not only brings the possibility of taking actions or liking that escape most mortals, but it also comes accompanied by a dark side. The hours of filming, the media pressure and the lack of privacy affect the actors. Grant is no exception and was about to quit acting for having panic attacks during filming.

The level of media pressure experienced by the British actor has led him to antagonize the press. Such is their enmity that sounded were the complaints to different British media, some of which reached spy on your phone to get information and find a new scandal involving Grant. Among these, the one that would weigh the most in the actor’s career would be the arrest in the United States with Divine Brown, a prostitute.

Despite all this, the British actor maintains good public opinion and continues to collect hits. One of the last, for example, has been the series “The Undoing”, with Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, or the successful film Paddington 2.

A prolific career

30 years of experience leave classics in our retina. We review some of them:

‘Four weddings and a funeral’ (1994)
The Mike Newell-directed film saw Hugh Grant’s confirmation as the star of the romantic comedy. In this feature film, the actor plays Charles, a British man who falls in love with Carrie (Andie McDowell), an American woman with whom he coincides in several connections and at the funeral of a mutual friend.

‘A place called Notting Hill’ (1999)
This is undoubtedly the most iconic film of those starring Grant, in which a London bookseller finds himself immersed in a relationship with a movie star, played by Julia Roberts.

‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’ (2001)
The story, starring Renée Zellwegger, recounts the most famous love triangle in cinema: Bridget has to face her prejudices as she struggles between her feelings for Mark Darcy (played by Colin Firth) and her company editor, Daniel Cleaver ( Grant).

‘Love Actually’ (2003)
Here Grant plays a British prime minister who falls in love with his new secretary. The actor takes the award for the best scene in the film with his dance on the steps of the Downing Street residence.

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