Robyn Moore Gibson: what happens to Mel Gibson’s ex-wife after their divorce?

Robyn Moore Gibson is known to be the ex-wife of Mel Gibson. In all, their marriage lasted 28 years. Together they have seven children. Their divorce is considered among the most expensive separations in Hollywood. As well as being Mel Gibson’s ex-wife, Robyn Moore is also a radio columnist and has a show. She is also a voice-over, she notably participated in the cartoon The Extraordinary Adventures of Blinky Bill.

Robyn Moore Gibson and Mel Gibson
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Robyn Moore Gibson was always behind her husband until their official divorce. And even after the divorce, she continued to support her husband when he was accused of domestic violence by his partner.

Robyn MooreGibson

Robyn Moore was born in Adelaide, Australia on November 4, 1971. After her studies, she moved into the medical-dental field and became a dental nurse. She starts dating the actor Mel Gibson in the 70s. At the time, the latter was not yet so famous. With this relationship, she had the opportunity to direct her career in the audiovisual sector. She thus became a voice-over artist and television and radio personality. She has her own show called How green was my cactusan Australian political satire.

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Robyn Moore and Mel Gibson
Robyn Moore Gibson and Mel Gibson
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Robyn Moore Gibson and Mel Gibson

Robyn Moore and Mel Gibson met in Adelaide. They are roommates. At the time, Mel Gibson was an actor and played in theaters. Then, the relationship was woven from thread to needle. They decide to get married on June 7, 1980. Mel Gibson is known to be a devout Catholic, so he made sure his marriage lasted as long as possible. Together they had seven children including six boys and one girl.

The children of Robyn Moore Gibson

Robyn Moore Gibson had seven children with Mel Gibson. Hannah is the couple’s first and only daughter. She is a professional makeup artist. She was notably a make-up artist in the film What Women Want starring his father. Hannah Gibson married musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd.

Robyn Moore Gibson and Edward Gibson

Edward Gibson is the second son of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore. He is the twin of Christian Gibson who works in the audiovisual sector as a cameraman. They were born in 1982. Unlike his father and brother, Edward chose to lead a life away from the spotlight. He founded his own carpentry business named Natural Edgeimporting raw wood from Fiji to designate exclusive furniture.

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William Gibson

William Gibson is the fourth son of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore, after twins Christian and Edward. He was born in 1985. He, too, prefers to lead a discreet life and chose a voice off the camera.

Louie Gibson

Louie Gibson is the couple’s fifth son. Interested in the audiovisual and cinema professions, he continued his studies in film production at the University of Chapman. He is currently a screenwriter and director. He is the head of the production company SelectiveCollective, with Joe Dietsch. They produced short films like Happy Hunting Where Work the Middle.

Milo Gibson

Milo Gibson followed in his father’s footsteps in film. After working as an electrician to pay for his acting lessons, his father gives him a leading role in the film Hacksaw Ridge. Then, his career took off playing the role of Lieutenant Johnny Kent in the film Hurricanereleased in 2018.

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Robyn Moore Gibson and Thomas Gibson

Thomas Gibson is Robyn Moore’s youngest son. He graduated in 2017. His brother, Christian Gibson, proud of him, posted a family photo on his Instagram account showing the young Thomas in a graduate costume. The young man also remains very discreet about the rest of his career.

The couple’s divorce

In 2006, the arrest of Mel Gibson for drunken driving and anti-Semitic remarks weakened the couple. Mel Gibson said in an interview after this event that his relationship with Robyn Moore was no longer the same. In 2009, Robyn Moore decided to officially divorce of her husband after discovering photos of him with pianist Oksana Grigorieva. The procedure ended in 2011. This divorce is known to be one of the most expensive in Hollywood. Indeed, there was no prenuptial agreement during the marriage of Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore. As a result, Robyn is automatically entitled to half of what Mel Gibson earned during their 28 years of marriage. This amount amounts to 425 million dollars.

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Mel Gibson, in a relationship with Rosalind Ross

After his separation from Robyn Moore, Mel Gibson dated Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva. They have a daughter, Lucia, born in 2009. But their relationship does not last long. In 2010, the musician accused Mel Gibson of domestic violence. Robyn Moore, in support of her ex-husband, filed a testimony in courtin which she states that her husband has never been violent towards her or her children during their 28 years of marriage.

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross
Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross
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Currently, Mel Gibson has found love again with Rosalind Ross, an American screenwriter, producer and director. They met when the latter applied for a job in the actor’s production company. It’s love at first sight between the two. Their first public appearance dates back to 2016, during the Cannes Film Festival. Together they have a son, who is Mel Gibson’s ninth child. His name is Lars Gerard.

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Robyn Moore in six points

  1. How old is Robyn Moore? She is 50 years old.
  2. What is the relationship between Robyn Moore and Mel Gibson? Robyn Moore was married to Mel Gibson for 28 years.
  3. Who are Robyn Moore Gibson’s children? They are: Hannah, twins Christian and Edward, William, Louie, Milo and Thomas.
  4. How much is Robyn Moore Gibson worth? Robyn Moore’s fortune is valued at $400 million.
  5. What is Robyn Moore Gibson’s profession? Robyn Moore Gibson is a paramedic and dental trainer. But she is known for being a show host and voice-over.
  6. Who is Rosalind Ross? She is Mel Gibson’s current partner.


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