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For a good century, the character of Robin Hood has known different interpretations in large rooms. In 2010, Ridley Scott decided to add his personal touch, even bringing back Russell Crowe to play the famous hero. The actor had to convince the most skeptics thanks to an intense physical preparation.

Robin Hood as seen by Ridley Scott

The Adventures of Robin Hood with Eroll Flynn in 1938, the Disney adaptation in 1973, Kevin Costner who played the famous archer in 1991… Robin Hood has no shortage of appearances in the cinema. When Ridley Scott also decides to impose his new version in 2010, it is therefore an event. Indeed, the British director is not known for directing light films. When looking at his work on Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, son Robin Hood promised a great historical and bloody epic.

This is also why he called on Russell Crowe, one of his favorite actors whom he had turned in Gladiator, American Gangster and State lies. In the role of the legendary British hero, the Australian comedian had to offer a darker interpretation than its previous colleagues.

Robin Hood © Universal Pictures

Kind of prequel that reveals how Robin became the great hero known to all, Robin Hood also has an excellent cast with Cate Blanchett, Max von Sydow, William Hurt, Mark Strong, Oscar Isaac, and even Léa Seydoux.

Weight gain that questions

Russell Crowe is arguably one of the greatest actors of his time. The Oscar-winning actor is known to give his all in the roles he plays. Something he did in 2008 to State lies, in which he gained 20 kg in order to play an overweight character. However, a year after that movie, he had to keep the same line to portray journalist Cal McAffrey in Power games. Seeing him land the role of Robin Hood was therefore a question for many, as the timing was going to be very tight for Russell Crowe to put himself in the shoes of a character considered slender and athletic. However, not only did he retain the confidence of Ridley Scott, but in addition, he put the package in terms of preparation.

Thus, the actor spent lavishly to strengthen his muscles (more than 100,000 dollars in sports equipment). In addition, to acclimatize to the forest in which his character regularly takes refuge, Russell Crowe had fun to hunt barefoot in the Australian forests for several months. He also cut his hair, because it bothered him too much to shoot an archery.

He also revealed during an interview with MTV that he had trained for a long time to reach a target at almost 50 meters! Finally, he prepared himself intellectually since he regularly documented himself on the character of Robin Hood by reading many books on him. Professional to the end this Russell!

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Robin des Bois: intensive preparation for Russell Crowe – cinéSéries