July 1, 2021

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Robert Pattinson hates DC movies, but agreed to be Batman for a dark reason

1625109664 Robert Pattinson hates DC movies but agreed to be Batman
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Since Robert Pattinson was signed for the role of Batman under the command of Matt Reeves, the controversy has not stopped raging.

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Thousands of fans around the world are dissatisfied, especially because they cannot get out of their minds that the English actor is also the detestable Edward Cullen (Twilight). If that were not enough, the rest of the cast has not escaped the debate.

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Warner Bros. / IMDb

In addition to the difficult filming, the COVID-19 pandemic came later, and all filming work stopped: Pattinson himself caught the virus and paused his schedule for a couple of weeks.

Without a doubt, the Batman Matt Reeves’ is unfortunate so far, and could be even more so after the theory that “round” Reddit.

It is true that Robert has not been seen as much in recent months, but according to his close sources, the actor confirmed that he hated some films of the DC Universe, in particular those directed by Zach Snyder.

What began as a “gossip” is gaining momentum due to an official statement from Robert: he does not believe Batman is a hero.

Now, that does not mean that Pattinson hates his own character, but that he does not conceive him under the idea that most of him have. For the English, Batman is a vulnerable and vindictive human up to “reasonable” points, but he is far from being a vigilante

Digging deeper into the rumors, Pattison’s opinion of the Snyderverse is said to be in particular that it has “good intentions, but bad scripts.”

Behind this assertion, many believe that Pattinson’s real fear is being seen as the “replacement” for Ben Affleck, and not as a new conception of “The Dark Knight.”

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What’s more, the general conclusion is that Pattinson wants to revolutionize the image of Batman from his own scope … what do you think? Tell us in the comments and unburden yourself!

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