Robert Downey Junior and Terrence Howard, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattral, Ryan Gosling and Rachel MacAdams … these co-stars who hated each other

Hollywood, there are many films and series of all kinds. Action films, adventure films, romantic comedies or historical adaptations. Whatever the scenario, we almost always have to do with a story of love or friendship between the main characters of the film or the series. But did you know that on the set of some of the biggest feature films in the history of cinema or on the set of certain legendary series, the two actors who carried the production hated each other? So, today at melty, we decided to introduce you to these film co-stars, friends or lovers in front of the camera, who hate each other in life.

Robert Downey Jr. et Terrence Howard

Terrence Howard and Robert Downey Jr – Credit (s): Gettyimages

Among the Avengers there was the Civil War between Iron Man and Captain America. But in real life Robert Downey Jr was also at war with one of the actors in the MCU. You may have forgotten it but Colonel James “Rodhey” Rhodes aka War Machine was played by two different actors. Although this character is now associated with actor Don Cheadle, it is another actor who took on the role of Tony Stark’s best friend in the very first film. Indeed, it was Terrence Howard who gave the reply to RDJ in the first feature film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Only, the two actors did not get along at all on the set of the blockbuster. Marvel obviously couldn’t part ways with its star actor. Terrence Howard was therefore dismissed and replaced by Don Cheadle as soon as Iron Man 2, and this until today.

Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth

Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty
Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty – Credit (s): Getty Images

An iconic duo and a friendship we all wish we had. Brenda and Kelly were the dreams of teenage girls and young adults of the 90s. But Beverly Hill 90210’s best friends wouldn’t really be behind the camera. In her autobiography, Jennie Garth recounts the rivalry she had with her co-star, as well as a fight that took place during the filming of the series. Shannen Doherty is no newbie to quarreling with colleagues. We remember that she left the show Charmed at the end of Season 3 following a conflict with Alyssa Milano.

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist
Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp in The Tourist – Credit (s): Columbia Pictures

The collaboration had already started badly between Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp on the set of The Tourist. Indeed, Angelina Jolie has complained many times about the breath of the actor. So, Johnny Depp is one of those stars, like Zac Efron and Brad Pitt, who have sickening hygiene tics. The situation did not get better between the two actors who hated each other throughout the filming. Johnny Depp allegedly accused Angelina Jolie of being a woman “arrogant and presumptuous”. For her part, she would have accused him of being an actor without any respect for his colleagues, given the delay with which he appeared daily on the set.

Teri Hatcher and all the other Desperate Housewives

Lynette, Bree, Gabriel et Susan
Lynette, Bree, Gabriel and Susan – Credit (s): abc

The 4 housewives of Wisteria Lane have been through a lot in 8 seasons. And despite a few headaches, she remained the best friends in the world. But that was in front of the camera. Behind the scenes it was a whole different story. It looks like Eva Longoria, Marcia Cross, and Felicity Huffman really didn’t get along with Teri Hatcher. Most prominent example: During a photoshoot for Vanity Fair, it was asked that the interpreter of Susan Mayer not be in the center of the group photo or choose her outfit first. The Desperate Housewives was hugely successful at the time. Could the jealousy of his 3 colleagues be the reason for this quarrel?

Leonardo DiCaprio et Claire Danes

Claire Danes et Leonardo DiCaprio
Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio – Credit (s): Getty images

Romeo + Juliet is a film released in 1996. The feature film is a contemporary adaptation of the most famous romance in theater history. Claire Danes, Juliette’s interpreter in the film, was only 16 at the time. She complained about the immature jokes of Leo, 6 years her senior. The actor, on the other hand, said his colleague was a very reserved and cold person.. Apparently, the two actors no longer even spoke to each other outside of the shoot. And it seems that today this situation has not changed.

Ryan Gosling et Rachel MacAdams

Ryan Gosling and Rachel MacAdams in Never Forget
Ryan Gosling and Rachel MacAdams in Never Forget – Credit (s): New Line Cinema

While shooting the film Never forget, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams outright hated each other once they were no longer in character. They would have argued many times, while in front of the camera their romance moved more than one. Ryan Gosling even said of this experience that it was “very strange to pretend a love affair with someone who inspires you absolutely nothing.” He is said to have even started to insist that the actress be replaced. Ironically, at the end of filming, the two actors began a relationship that lasted 3 years.

Patrick Swayze et Jennifer Grey

Jennifer Grey et Patrick Swayze
Jennifer Grey et Patrick Swayze — Crédit(s) : Vestron Pictures

Another mythical love story of cinema! Who does not know Dirty Dancing ? The film which tells the romance between Baby and Johnny Castle made dream of many young girls in the end of the Eighties. And yet, the shooting was anything but a walk in the park for the two main actors.. Patrick Swayze accused Jennifer Gray of being irritating because she made everyone repeat the scenes many times. He also said that the actress was too sensitive, and that she would cry at the slightest criticism. She should not be left alone in a corner!

Sarah Jessica Parker et Kim Cattrall

Sarah Jessica Parker et Kim Cattrall
Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall – Credit (s): Getty Images

After the Desperate Housewives, here is another iconic quartet of best friends on television that is ultimately not one. Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall, respectively the very stylish Carrie Bradshaw and Samantha Jones in Sex And The City, have never been friends. The rumor of a conflict between the two actresses was confirmed when Kim Cattrall said on the set of the Piers Morgan show in 2017: “We have never been friends”. A few months later, Samantha’s interpreter’s brother died.. Sarah Jessica Parker then sent him her condolences. What the main interested party replied on Instagram: “I don’t need your love or your support in these tragic times.” Nice atmosphere!

Charlize Theron et Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy et Charlize Theron
Tom Hardy et Charlize Theron

We all agree that Mad Max : Fury Road is a masterpiece. Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, the two headliners are very good in their role. And yet, the two hated each other throughout the filming. They even almost came to blows. And to shoot a movie for 7 months in the desert with someone you can’t stand, it must be trying. Yet Charlize Theron told Esquire: “If we had been buddies, maybe the film would have been 10 times worse”. Indeed, the two characters do not trust each other at the beginning of the film. The animosity between the two actors may have made their games much better.. Little anecdote, Tom Hardy still gave him a little gift at the end of the shoot. A self-portrait he painted and dedicated. He wrote to her in all sincerity. “You are a real nightmare, but you are also fucking awesome. I will still miss you.” We will also find Tom Hardy in Venom 2, here is the trailer.