Robert Downey Jr’s tribute to his father in his new movie “SR”

The New York Film Festival presented “SR”, Robert Downey Jr’s tribute to his father’s legacy.

The father of Robert Downey Jr, Robert Downey SRwas a renowned independent film director who broke schemes in the 60’s and who kept his unique sense of humor until the last minute.

That is what we can see in “MR” an emotional but humorous portrait that presents the most intimate part of a father’s relationship with his son. The documentary, which Downey JR at the press conference defined more as a mourning group, was recorded for three years, including the years in which the pandemic was faced. During this period Robert Sr. was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and we can witness how it begins to impact his health, but also how the relationship with his son is strengthening.

In the hands of the director Chris Smith The film shows passages from the acclaimed director’s films, along with interview records and in contrast, presenting how he himself reacted when showing him the images. In that emotional game, the heart rejoices to see that he still roars with laughter at the sharp dialogue in his movies and the friction he caused when they tried to take him down the commercial road. Also, seeing how his son is showing a little-known side in his career, he is putting together a puzzle of how his origins were surrounded by cameras, writers and creativity, raised in an unusual environment by his director father and actress mother.

It is interesting to see how the father recognizes certain trends in his life that involved Downey Jr. in habits that cost him almost all his life to abandon, but that did not separate them but made this relationship stronger.

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The movie

Between the Hamptons and New York, the film takes advantage of “SR’s” daily commute to show her connection to the city and her intrepid eye to portray her even in her last days with her body worn out by illness. The documentary, which lasts 89 minutes and passes as if it were only 20, is incredibly fast for those who watch it and this is thanks to the ability of those involved to oppose two ways of seeing the documentary, one that is the “cinematic cut” of the editing that SR does, and that provides his record and vision, and what Downey JR did that connects him with that tribute he wanted to pay to his father and that reinvents his film career by bringing it closer and vindicating it to a generation that perhaps did not know him .

When you finish watching the documentary, that playful spirit of the protagonists stays with you, it makes you want to see the filmography of Downey Sr. and you connect with a more sentimental side of the Hollywood actor best known for his rebellious nature that now, after seeing the documentary, you can figure out where it came from.

The film was produced by susan downey Y Kevin Fordand will soon be released on streaming.

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Robert Downey Jr’s tribute to his father in his new movie “SR”