Robert Downey Jr. will continue to be Iron Man in a very particular way

Perhaps the most difficult thing to overcome was the irremediable death of Tony Stark, and with it, the departure of Robert Downey Jr. of the movies that launched him as a “global hero.” Although the actor could still make sporadic appearances in upcoming series of Disney+, sadly it is a distant possibility, and that has become clear thanks to his most recent interview.

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Through a mentoring style talk on the professional platform LinkedIn, Robert Downey Jr. revealed their work plans … and no one contemplates the MCU:

It is worth mentioning that in terms of filmography, Downey Jr. has a full agenda. On the one hand, there is the Perry Mason series of HBO, and in the “corner Netflix“There is the Sweet Tooth project.

Second to the above, Robert He added that he would be delighted to be back with the Sherlock Holmes project. However, some ideas are on hiatus following the recent death of Robert Downey Sr., father of “Tony Stark” and an exemplary figure for the entire Hollywood industry. Outside the show business, the former interpreter of Iron Man He assured that the pandemic made him focus on his altruistic work within the Footprint Coalition.

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This foundation was created by himself Robert Downey Jr. in 2019, and its main goal is to use robotic technology to reverse climate change. This being the case, it seems that the actor never gave up being Tony Stark after all … reality surpassed fiction again!

Why Black Widow Didn’t Have A Funeral Like Tony Stark


Why Black Widow didn’t have a funeral like Tony Stark.

On the tape of Avengers End Game, Natasha and the others Avengers, they embark on the mission to bring back the infinity gems from the past to revive the people who died after the snap of Thanos. She is the only one who does not return after exchanging her life for the stone, and although she is remembered by her companions, she did not have a funeral like that of Tony.

There is a reason why it did not happen and the same director of the recent film Black Widow, Cate Shortland, explained in an interview for Variety magazine:

Scarlett He told me about it: his character would have hated a public funeral. So I felt that the fact that she is buried in a really private place, somewhere secluded, is perfect, “said the filmmaker.

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