Robert Downey Jr., Meryl Streep and all the actors we’d stop seeing if the SAG-AFTRA strike happens

It is a matter of hours to find out if SAG-AFTRA will decide to go on an indefinite strike, if so, several productions will be affected, since several actors will not be able to film some films

Hollywood is going through a crisis that has alarmed the entertainment industry quite a bit. Since the writers have not yet had an answer, there is a possibility that a new strike will happen, this time starring the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). If this is a reality, hundreds of film and television production will stop, including Deadpool 3Beetlejuice 2, The Penguin and Batman Part 2to mention just a few of them.

Although the negotiations continue, the outlook remains quite uncertain. If the strike is approved, the actors would be prohibited from participating in any promotional activity for a film or serieswhich includes press tours, movie premieres and important events, so tapes of mission impossible 7, Barbie and oppenheimerthey are still in time to close any promotion.

The Actors Council is led by great stars such as Angela Bassett, Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Harrison Ford, Bryan Cranston, Robert de Niro, Robert Downey Jr; Nicole Kidman and Mark Ruffalo, to mention just a few of the members. In the event that no negotiation is reached, these actors would be forced to stop their activities completely.leaving them out of any project at hand, news that would shock viewers.


For now series like Stranger Things, Cobra Kai or movies like Thunderbolts or Blade have stopped their production. However, there are more stars who have joined the requests that demand the regulation of artificial intelligence as well as a better salary in view of the modifications that the services have brought in streaming. Actors who have also signed the petitions include Kevin Bacon, Olivia Cooke, Joey King, Elliot Page, Amy Schumer, Bob Odenkirk, and the list goes on in the thousands. A piece of news that has the industry concerned.

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Robert Downey Jr., Meryl Streep and all the actors we’d stop seeing if the SAG-AFTRA strike happens