Robert De Niro, Richard Gere, Jeff Goldblum… These famous men became dads at the age of 60 Grazia

In theory, a man can become a dad at any age, it has no expiration date. So, becoming a father at the age of being a grandfather (or even great-grandfather), we are not going to say that it is confusingly commonplace, but it is clear that it is not a phenomenon extremely rare. Watch what’s happening with our friends the stars. Because it’s true that in our time, we can live several lives : to love, to have a baby – or more -, to separate, to find love again, to have a new child – or more -, etc. The pattern can be repeated ad infinitum. Condition sine qua non for sir? Finding a younger partner… These male celebrities are in any case the proof that there is no age to re-immerse yourself with delight (?) in baby bottles and diapers…

Robert DeNiro, born in 1943: he welcomed his seventh child at the age of 79. It is a little girl named Gia. The mother is Tiffany Chen (martial arts teacher) with whom he has been seen on many occasions since the summer of 2021. His eldest, Drena, was born in 1971 (he adopted her in 1976, after getting married to his mother, Diahnne Abbott).

Richard Gereborn in 1949: the actor had two children with Alejandra Silva (34 years younger than him), boys born in 2019 and 2020 respectively. His eldest, Homer, was born in 2000.

Alec Baldwin, born in 1958: he is the father of 8 children, including 7 with his wife Hilaria (26 years younger than him). The youngest, Ilaria, was born in 2022, when the actor was 64 years old. His eldest, Ireland (whose mother is Kim Basinger), was born in 1995.

Jeff Goldblumborn in 1952: he discovered fatherhood late, thanks to the dancer Emilie Livingston (28 years younger than him) who has shared his life since 2012. They have two children: the eldest was born in 2015, the younger in 2017. He was therefore 63 and 65 years old.

Mel Gibson, born in 1956: he became a dad for the ninth time in 2017. Lars was born from his love affair with Rosalind Ross (34 years younger than him). His eldest, Hannah (whom he had with his first wife, Robyn), was born in 1980.

Clint Eastwood, born in 1930: the actor and director had 8 children, the youngest of his blended family, Morgan, was born in 1996. He was then 66 years old and was married to Dina. His eldest, Laurie, was born in 1954 (she had been placed for adoption, he only learned of her existence in the 90s).

Warren Beatty was born in 1937: from his union with Annette Benning, he had four children, the last, Ella, was born in 2000, when he was 63 years old. The eldest, Stephen, was born in 1992.

Mike Jagger, born in 1943: his son Deveraux, whom he had with Melanie Hamrick (43 years younger than him), was born in 2016. The rocker has 8 children in total – the eldest, Karis was born in 1970 from his relationship with Marsha Hunt. The Rolling Stone singer is a grandfather and great-grandfather. Her great-granddaughter Ezra is two years older than her youngest.

Ronnie Wood, born in 1947: the sidekick of Mike Jagger was 69 years old when, in 2016, his wife Sally (30 years younger than him) gave birth to twins, Gracie Jane and Alice. His eldest, Jesse, whom he had with Krissy Findlay, was born in 1976.

Steve Martin, born in 1945: the actor waited a while before becoming a dad. Married to Anne Stringfield (26 years younger than him), he was 67 when his daughter Maria was born in 2012.

Rod Stewart, born in 1945: he was 66 when his wife Penny Lancaster (26 years younger than him) gave birth to their second child, Aidan Patrick, in 2011. The 7th for the rocker. His eldest, Sarah, was born in 1963, he had her with Susannah Boffey.

Gerard Darmon, born in 1948: in 2017, approaching his 70th birthday, he became the father of Lena, his fourth child, thanks to Christine (25 years younger than him). His eldest, Virginie, was born in 1968.

Jean Reno, born in 1948: at 63, in 2011, he welcomed his sixth child, the first and only (?) with Zofia Borucka (24 years younger than him). His eldest, Sandra, was born in 1978.

Elton John, born in 1947: the singer waited until he was 63 to become a dad. With her husband David Furnish, they are the parents of Zachary, born at the end of 2010, and Elijah, who was born two years later.

Bernie Ecclestone, born in 1930: the former F1 boss already had three – grown-up – daughters and was 89 years old when he welcomed Alexander. He was born from his marriage (the third) with Fabiana Flosi (46 years younger than him). Her eldest, Deborah, was born in 1955.

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Robert De Niro, Richard Gere, Jeff Goldblum… These famous men became dads at the age of 60 Grazia