Robert de Niro: 20-year-old woman taken into custody after the death of her grandson Leandro

Not giving news for some time, the grandson of Robert De Niro was finally found dead in his apartment of a fentanyl overdose according to the first elements reported.

The young actor’s death is now under investigation, with suspect a woman only twenty years old

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Sunday afternoon of July 2, 2023, Leandro De Niro Rodriguez has been found dead. According to police sources quoted by TMZthe lifeless body of the teenager was found sitting on a chair inside an apartment in the Cipriani Club Residences on Wall Street.

According to this time, the police sources of DailyMailthe victim would not have presented no trace of aggression. Nevertheless, a white powder and useful accessories for taking drugs were discovered in the apartment, near the body. The young man was found dead by a friend who wanted to hear from him.

A potential suspect

The mother of the victim, adopted daughter of Robert De Niro, announced the death of her son on Instagram. On the evening of Sunday July 3, 2023, she posted a photo of her beloved son whom she had nicknamed “My beautiful sweet angel”.

She says her son was deeply loved and appreciated, and she would have hoped that this love alone could save him. A tribute and a heartbreaking farewell for those close to the young man. When asked for details of the cause of death, this is what she replied:

Someone sold him pills containing fentanyl that they knew were mixed up, but sold them to him anyway. So, to all his people who still have fun selling and buying this “dirt,” my son is gone forever.

This person in question would be a 20-year-old woman. She is currently still in custody. Police refuse to give further details at this time.

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A discreet person

Leandro had decided to follow in the footsteps of his mother and grandfather, becoming an actor too. He notably made an appearance in the film A Star Is Born in 2018, playing the son of Bradley Cooper’s best friend, George ‘Noodles’ Stone. He also appeared in Maxim Cabaret in 2018.

The superintendent of the deceased’s building attested that Leandro had been renting an apartment there for less than a year. The employee describes him as a likeable, friendly but reserved young man.

I saw him from time to time, and he always said hello … He was just friendly, reserved, said the concierge.

In the meantime, Robert de Niro, hasn’t said much on the Internet. Again saddened by this devastating newsthe illustrious actor simply wrote:

I am deeply saddened by the passing of my beloved grandson Leo. We appreciate all of your messages of condolence, but we ask that you allow us time to mourn Leo.

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Robert de Niro: 20-year-old woman taken into custody after the death of her grandson Leandro