Riddick 4: Vin Diesel promises film could arrive faster than expected

Could it finally be the return of the franchise? Riddick ? In any case, this is what Vin Diesel suggested in an Instagram post.

Franchise LThe Chronicles of Riddick began in 2000 when David Twohy, Jim Wheat and Ken Wheat adapted the original story of the Wheat brothers into a nervous sci-fi movie named Pitch Black. It tells the story of many passengers on a routed ship, including Riddick, an enigmatic criminal and nyctalope.

And if Pitch Black was not intended to be the start of a franchise, the success of the first opus and the enthusiasm of Vin Diesel managed to convince David Twohy to focus the sequel to Pitch Black on the character of Riddick. The second film, The Chronicles of Riddick, released in 2004 was a big box office failure. Which did not prevent the release of a third film, Riddick, cheaper, less ambitious, but which has enjoyed some critical and commercial success. What make Vin Diesel want to continue the adventure.

Whatever we think, some plans have the mouth

From 2014, just one year later Riddick, the actor of Fast & Furious tried to restart the machine, to no avail. And it was finally in 2019, on social networks, that he proudly unveiled a manuscript entitled Riddick 4: Furya resuscitating the hope of fans. At that time, Diesel explained that the fourth opus would be written and directed by his friend David Twohy, at the helm of the first three films, and should take place on Riddick’s home planet, in order to enrich the story of his past. , and the mythology of the saga.

Except that with the exception of a few statements, including one from the actor in June 2021 stating that “David Twohy wrote a great script ” and that it was “just a matter of timing to have the opportunity to film it”, the project had not really given any sign of life. Fortunately, Vin Diesel is always there for his family, his fans, and tossed an enthusiastic Insta post:

“Amazing reunion today, thanks to the team who will recognize each other … Let’s just say Furia maybe closer than you thought.”

According to Vin Diesel, fans should quickly find the anti-hero for a fourth opus which seems to be clarified a little more even if nothing has yet been formalized by a producer or distributor. We just know that if the film is made, it will probably be shot in Australia as Vin Diesel had confided.

In any case, we can easily understand the enthusiasm of Vin Diesel about the return of Riddick which would allow him to find a major role outside the saga. Fast & Furious (whose end has been announced for 2024). It remains to be hoped that the long teased Riddick 4: Fury totally worth it.

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