Ricardos’ Javier Bardem speaks out on casting reviews

Aaron Sorkin’s biopic Being the Ricardos, Who chronicles of a week in the life of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, have been announced, fans of the pioneering couple and devoted observers and re-watchers of the beloved TV show I like lucy, all had steadfast opinions on who might be able to replace the formidable icons. At the start of the casting, critics intervened simultaneously. With every role announced, until the trailer was revealed, the reviews persisted. Even when their own daughter, Lucie Arnaz, after seeing the movie, said, “It’s fucking amazing,” fans and critics have always objected to the casting choices.

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Javier Bardem, after Nicole Kidman addressed the endless questioning of the cast by fans, spoke via The Hollywood Reporter, letting it be known that the Being the Ricardos The casting debate is part of a larger conversation. Bardem makes his point by saying, “I’m an actor, and that’s what I do for a living: try to be people that I’m not. What do we do with Marlon Brando playing Vito Corleone [in The Godfather]? What do we do with Margaret Thatcher played by Meryl Streep [in The Iron Lady]? Daniel Day-Lewis jouant Lincoln [in Lincoln]? Why is this conversation happening with people with accents? “You have your accent. This is where you belong. It’s delicate.

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“Where is this conversation with English speakers doing things like The last duel, where were they supposed to be French people in the Middle Ages? It’s good, ”he continued,“ but me, with my Spanish accent, being Cuban? What I mean is if we want to open the box of worms, let’s open it for everyone. … We should all start not allowing anyone to play Hamlet unless he was born in Denmark. ”

Her response came after Nicole Kidman admitted she almost pulled out of the project due to public outcry. Nicole Kidman’s response to critics, speaking on Living with Kelly and Ryan via people, she explains: “I said to myself: ‘What did I say yes to?’ – to which I then went, ‘Oh no, I’m not right. Everyone thinks I’m not right, so I’m going to try to avoid that, “” she said. “And producer Todd Black and Aaron Sorkin were both like, ‘Absolutely not.’ I was in Australia and they said ‘No’ to me. And thank goodness, because then I was so grateful because I fell in love with her. ”

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Another element of the conversation that critics of the Filmmakers’ Choices seem to be missing can be pointed out in the opening credits of almost every movie we see. We are shown the names of the creators of the art. It is the creator’s choice for the film he is making. The persistent and growing assumption that fan demands, if not demands, must be met is puzzling. The filmmaker has a vision of what he wants to create, like any art form, and he sets out to execute it. We can all remember hundreds of exquisite films that moved us, changed us, changed the world, and they did not require a mass online petition to achieve these noble accolades. The artist makes choices for what he wants to create, and there are countless examples of why we should stand up for this fact.

Being Ricardos trailer splits internet as Debra Messing fans cry foul

Being Ricardos trailer splits internet as Debra Messing fans cry foul

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Ricardos’ Javier Bardem speaks out on casting reviews