Reveal the surprise of the sixth season of Cobra Kai: Jackie Chan

The 13th most watched series on Netflix in 2021 was

cobra kai
a spin-off of Karate Kid that currently has five seasons and around 50 episodes aired, is preparing for a devastating sixth installment and is presumed to have the presence of nothing more and nothing less than Jackie Chan.

What you should know before watching Cobra Kai

It was February 1984 when we met “Karate Kid”, which presents the story of teenager Daniel LaRusso who arrives in Los Angeles, California willing to make friends, but quickly becomes the target of attacks by a group of karate students, suffering from what we would now call “bullying”, ask Miyagi for help, an old martial arts master who changes his life by teaching him the true heart of this oriental technique of self defense.

With that in the background the series of

“Cobra Kai” is set exactly 34 years after the events of the All Valley Karate Tournament.
time in which Johnny Lawrence will seek redemption by opening a “Cobra Kai” dojo, rekindling his rivalry with LaRusso.

Jackie Chan’s relationship with Cobra Kai

The actor Chan Kong-sang, it may not sound familiar to you, but if we tell you that it is the real name of Jackie Chan sure you recognize the martial artist, comedian, singer, actor, acrobat68-year-old Chinese stuntman, stunt coordinator, director, screenwriter, producer, and voice actor.

Jackie Chan It has been characterized by not losing sight of his spirit for martial arts practicing Taekwondo, Judo, Jeet kune do, Hapkido while still being a successful part of Hollywood, especially between the 1980s and early 2000s.

Chan has a previous relationship with the Karate Kid franchise as he had already participated in the 2010 remake as Miyagi. or “Mr. Han”, in fact he himself trained Jaden Smith for the role of Daniel LaRusso twelve years ago.

Now, The producers of Cobra Kai have admitted that they are looking for members of the previous franchise and the original production to continue to make of them is add Jackie Chan as Mr. Hanwho would possibly be a sensei to the dojo contestants who are vying for the title at Sekai Taikai.

At the moment, Jackie has not denied anything, so fans could afford to get their hopes up a bit on this cool rumor.

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Reveal the surprise of the sixth season of Cobra Kai: Jackie Chan