Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

Ray Liotta left us a few weeks ago.

He died at the age of 67 while filming in Dominican Republic one of the actors who marked an era and in recent times his appearance had gained interest from directors and producers (2 more films were waiting for him to be filmed and a TV series).

A few days ago the director Martin Scorsese publicly fired him from the pages of the British newspaper The Guardian telling wonderful anecdotes highlighting his talent and craft as an actor.

That is why in the Sunday column we are going to choose some of the films where that acting profession appears that is so well described by the director who directed it in the film that opened the doors of world fame and the mark on the edge of what would be his later cinematographic creatures.

Scorsese comments: “The word ‘reckless’ is used a lot to describe actors, and for good reason: actors need to be daredevils. They have to jump and let go, and they must trip and fall at the risk of looking ridiculous as they encounter how they fit in with their role. It’s part of their job. At Goodfellas we worked improvising on most of the scenes, and many of the crew knew each other and had worked together for many years, including my mother and father. this new piece, Ray Liotta, and it never fell out of tune. It felt like we’d been working together for years.”

And with this opinion of Scorsese we begin the list of films that must be seen by Liotta.

Martin Scorsese’s Good Boys (1990)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

Emblematic film of the director and of the end of the 20th century.

Classic of the gangster & mafia genre that all subsequent films and series took as a direct and indirect quote.

Ray Liotta was not the initial recipient of the leading role (it was reserved for Robert de Niro but time problems and physique du rol conspired in favor of the young actor) who gained strength from tenacity, work and impressing the director at the Venice Film Festival ( Scorsese’s farewell letter summarizes the episode).

Story of a mobster over 25 years where the management of all businesses is masterfully told.

The life of Henry Hill finds its perfect fit in Liotta’s body and Liotta finds the role that he will repeat over and over again throughout his extensive filmography.

Phil Robinson’s Field of Dreams (1989)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

Sports movie classic and a box office hit in the late ’80s

A farmer builds a baseball field on his land and from there attracts the glories of sports from the United States.
Based on the book by WP Kinsella Shoeless Joe, Liotta builds here the representation of Joseph Jefferson Jackson that gives the book its title.

Movie to enjoy every once in a while.

Ridley Scott’s Hannibal (2001)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

Film based on the book of the same name that recounts the events that took place 10 years after the events described in the magnificent The Silence of the Lambs.

A victim of Dr Lecter is alive and wants revenge in any way.

We follow the steps of all that revenge and the mechanisms to achieve it.

Ray Liotta stars in one of the emblematic scenes of the film (which remains for history) as Lecter’s victim.

Noah Baumbach Marriage Story (2019)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

The agonizing chronicle of the end of a marriage portrayed with almost theatrical precision shows Liotta as a lawyer who knows that to win and get something you have to play dirty.

In a cast of great performances, Liotta contributes his own with nobility.

The Mob Saints (2021)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

The prequel to the best series of all time could not fail to have the iconic actor of the mafia and gangsters in its cast.
Here he composes 2 characters: Aldo Moltisanti, Tony Soprano’s grandfather, who rules as an authority figure among the criminal organization, and his twin brother, Salvatore ‘Sally’ Moltisanti, jailed for life. A double combo where he honors the trajectory of him and The Sopranos.

Until the ones he filmed before he died reach theaters, this will be his last film released.

Not One False Step by Steven Soderbergh (2011)

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

Set in 1955, in the city of Detroit, it focuses on a group of criminals who are hired to steal a supposed document.
The plan does not go quite right (as it happens in films noir) and the search for who hired them and for what final purpose begins.

Here Liotta shares a cast with Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbor and Jon Hamm.

Everyone contributes to a film that is worth viewing.

Bonus track : Bee movie, the story of a bee

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by

For this section we bring the appearance of Ray Liotta as a character in an animated film.

A special participation in the middle of the plot with a wonderful dialogue that celebrates/pays tribute to the cinematographic creature for which we will always remember him: that boy with beautiful eyes, loose papers and bulletproof sincerity.

We wish to give thanks to the author of this write-up for this outstanding content

Requiem for Ray Liotta: six films to remember him by