Reese Witherspoon’s unstoppable (and very funny) trick to having a summer body

In a post recently relayed on her Twitter account, Reese Witherspoon mocks beauty diktats by revealing her tip for having the perfect summer body.

The beautiful days are back and, with them, the hope of a seaside vacation or sunbathing by a swimming pool. But for a large number of individuals, summer also symbolizes additional pressure as the swimsuit, one piece or two, is the ultimate summer garment. A stress that Reese Witherspoon wished to appease with a humorous message recently unveiled on his Twitter account.

In it, the American actress reveals the ideal trick to have a pretty silhouette for the summer. No more complexes! “Here is my advice to have the perfect summer body“, she begins. Her first piece of advice?”Have a body. “Internet users expecting a sequel will be disappointed: Reese Witherspoon does not go further. “That’s all. This is the advice“, she wrote in response to her post. A way for her to sweep aside the dictates of beauty and thinness with the back of her hand.

Is Reese Witherspoon social media fanatic?

His humorous paw struck again. Because Reese Witherspoon has a habit of entertaining its subscribers on social networks. Even if it means hijacking her role of mocking mother. In 2019, she unveiled a selfie on which she sports a Snapchat filter and a puzzled expression. “Are you seriously telling me TODAY all the school stuff you need for tomorrow?“, can we read in this image. In the caption, a snub at his age (45 years old in 2021, 43 years old at the time of the events) and his limited understanding of Snapchat. “Comment talk to your kids on snapchat… The filter adds a much more serious tone, don’t you think?“Another tip to note.

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