Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston tell how difficult and fun it was to film in pandemic ‘The Morning Show’

wings in “aerial awakening.” had a very conversationfun.maity: “wake up aérica” ​​sehas become the acefavorite of many artists.two artists decided to talkwith us about the success ofa series that deals with aprogram similar to “wake upaérica “. I talked to Jenniferaniston resse we go.karla: a great exclusive fora medium in Spanish.[habla en ingés]maity: when talking about bothactresses are the definition ofsucceed in hollywood. aproof of them is successachieved with this series that ispremieres its second season.[habla en ingés]hello, jennifer anistonand resse that remembers your visitto “wake up air”. howthose?[ habla en ingés]>> very good.I love “wake up aérica”.I think I could dancesorry for my dance.maity: after a firstsuccessful season, now it’s comingthe second. what can you expectthe public?>> well, the first seasonit was about some kind ofstorm coming. thebig change that was aboutthen the second seasontry to pick up the piecesafter.the radical change that happened.we got rid of all theexecutives looking towardsother side when there are many women tocharge, but we don’t know howthey work together in a waymake it easy and successful.[habla en ingés]maity: you made us wait,but the secondseason will be worth it.why did they have to stop?[ habla en ingés]>> í, I am very sorry to have youkept waiting. obviously,we had to close.then, you know, discover thenew way to go to the tabledrawings in terms ofincorporate coronavirus. I thinkwhat better or better the season,but it was uncomfortable. it was a worldvery strange for suddenlybe with the ascas and nowyou know we couldn’t see the faceof our team that we loveso much.[habla en ingés]maity: the characters havea friendship of love, hate,complicity. how was workingtogether?[ habla en ingés]>> it was a lot of fun. theI have known for a long timeweather. we were together with thefriends series. interpreter to hislittle sister. in manysenses we laughed andwe enjoyed this friendshipcomplicated in which, sometimes,we fight, but we alwaysreconcile more and we support each otherlike sisters.[habla en ingés]maity: how can I help you with thissecond season?[ habla en ingés]>> well, we justwe support each other.she is the yin of my yan. on themost hard-working woman ofhollywood. i am so amazedwith her and for her. she isa pioneer. it’s an inspirationfor many women.[habla en ingés]maity: your programit has been so successful. to whatattribute this?[habla en ingés]>> I think the programmorning addresses the problem ofthe work environments with whichthe women, the people ofcolor, and all have beendealing for a long time,but there really wasn’t aprogram literally.then, really, let’s go byai. we talk about everything. I believe thatfun to see because toogreat that they are fun ofsee among the characters thatyou love.maity: besides, to put a lightámara, a morning showas “awake aérica” ​​they speakand they touch on topics of what happenslike sexual harassment. how hashandled these issues?[ habla en ingés]>> well, I feel verylucky to have thecan. I have not had onereal personal experience orterrible with that, except alreadyyou know, 15 years ago thereplaces where I could notbe and can be today. it isjust a belief in whatI do and what I want to what I want. I have dreamsof things that excite me inthe business.[habla en ingés]maity: they have it.opens this Friday 17September. is a series thatwe who work herewe identify speaks ofbehind the camera of a programmorning of the whole teaminvolved. they touch on many topicscurrent, that not only happensin the world of television,talking about these two actressesit was very interesting. Jenniferhe told me how you do this andthe sky is the limit. she withall his fame thinks that everyonethe ías and I think it’s avery interesting reflection foreverybody. Congratulations.

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