Rebel Wilson Celebrates (Finally) Her Birthday With The Stars Of ‘Pitch Pefect’ On Marlon Brando’s Private Island | News –

Although it has been half a year since Rebel Wilson She reached 41 years old, she knows that it is never too late to celebrate, so she has done it in a big way and surrounded by her companions from the hit movie Pitch Perfect. The actress traveled with Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, Chrissie Fit and Shelley Regner to the private island of Marlon Brandon in French Polynesia to properly celebrate his new return to the sun, no matter how late the year goes. “I couldn’t love these ladies more! 10 years since we met and instantly harmonized I love you ladies! I love that I am the tallest among you little ones! “, wrote the Australian interpreter when sharing a photo with her colleagues, whom she met in 2011 during the recordings of the first of the three films of Pitch Perfect. The actresses posed on the beach, with the celebrant in the center, who also looked gorgeous in a neon pink swimsuit. “I feel very lucky to be able to share such an incredible adventure with my loved ones”, Rebel confessed in an interview with Page Six when talking about this adventure, in which she has also been accompanied by friends from outside the entertainment industry. Wilson is going through a great time in his life, also reaping the fruits of the changes he implemented in his lifestyle, which have been reflected in his physical transformation. In November of last year, the actress confessed on the Drew Barrymore show that she decided to start a “healthy year” after she celebrated her 40th birthday. “I think what I suffered mainly was eating emotionally and dealing with the stress of becoming internationally famous. There’s a lot of stress that comes with that and I think my way of dealing with it was eating donuts, ”he confessed then. “I love my curves and stuff, I don’t think I’m going to be too thin, but I feel much healthier”She commented, satisfied with the achievements made up to that moment.

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