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Emma Thompson and Greg Wise fell in love during the filming of “Sense and Sense”, the sublime romantic drama by Ang Lee. And if they were able to get closer, it is partly thanks to a fainting of Kate Winslet.

reason and feelings : a pinnacle of romantic film

Based on the eponymous novel by Jane Austen, reason and feelings is the first feature film written by Emma Thompson, who will rework on another adaptation of the writer by giving a boost to Deborah Moggach for the dialogues ofPride and Prejudice. Directed by Ang Lee (tiger and dragon, The Secret of Brokeback Mountain) and rewarded with the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay in 1996the film tells the story of two sisters, Elinor (Emma Thompson) and Marianne Dashwood (Kate Winslet).

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After the death of their father, the two young women, their little sister Margaret (Emilie François) and their mother (Gemma Jones) are forced to drastically reduce their lifestyle, their half-brother John (James Fleet) having inherited the total property. Having no choice but to move to Sussex with her family, Elinor renounces her love for Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant), promised to a bright future. Marianne falls in love with the seductive John Willoughby (Greg Wise), who she thinks would make the perfect husband.

But suddenly, Willoughby leaves them, claiming to have to return urgently to London without revealing the reason for his departure. Things get even more complicated when Elinor learns that Edward has been secretly engaged for several years.

Love in front and behind the camera

During the production of reason and feelings, the marriage between Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson is floundering. The actress and screenwriter then sinks into depression, as she confides to the newspaper The Observer years later. According to her statements, she manages to get up thanks to work but also to his meeting with Greg Wise. The interpreter of Elinor Dashwood and that of John Willoughby get closer during the filming of the drama, never to leave each other thereafter.

reason and feelings
reason and feelings ©Sony Pictures Entertainment

And if they manage to forge bonds of complicity, it is partly thanks to a misadventure experienced by Kate Winslet. During a conversation for the bonuses of a Columbia Classics 4K Ultra HD Collection Volume 2 box set bringing together the team of the feature film and quoted by Yahoo!the actress says fainted after fifty takes in the rainand being rescued by Emma Thompson and Greg Wise:

I remember witnessing one of the first moments between Emma and Greg. I was hypothermic and passed out, and Greg warmed my feet by placing them under his arms. So Greg was on one side and Emma was on the other and said, “It’s going to be fine”. I didn’t know they were flirting above…

Greg Wise interrupts him and says:

Half-dead body.

Kate Winslet concludes with humor:

You probably just wished I died to have a cheeky moment.

After filming, the star of titanic has also finished playing matchmaker for its partners on another occasion.

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Reason and feelings: this fainting Kate Winslet very useful for Emma Thompson – CinéSéries