(Re) discover Michael Keaton in five films

The 70-year-old actor is currently a cast of “Dopesick”, an excellent series on the ravages of opioids that has been showing on Disney + since November 12, and will once again be Vulture in “Morbius” as well as Batman in “The Flash”, all two in theaters next year. A look back at his five landmark films …

“Betelgeuse” (1988)

Michael Keaton’s film debut dates back to 1978 in “Rabbit Test”, a comedy directed by Joan Rivers and in which Billy Crystal made his first screen appearance. The actor then accumulates the first or supporting roles in comedies or romantic comedies, but it is Tim Burton’s “Betelgeuse” who reveals him to the general public. And, the same year, he is the star of “Return to Life” which confirms his dramatic talent.

«Batman» (1989)

When Tim Burton is given the task of directing “Batman” following the success of “Betelgeuse”, admirers scream, the man being known for his comedies. For the title role, Warner studios are keen on an established action film actor – Pierce Brosnan’s name is circulating, but the James Bond interpreter is not a fan of “comics” -, as well as those of Tom Selleck and Mel Gibson. Eventually, producer Jon Peters pronounces Michael Keaton’s name, having seen him in “Back to Life” and, since Burton has worked with him before, he accepts. But the choice of actor does not pass … no less than 50,000 letters of protest are sent to Warner studios, which are holding on. They are right, the feature film grossed more than 400 million US $ for a budget of 48 million and Michael Keaton will put on again the costume of the masked vigilante in “The return of Batman” in 1992.

“My Life” (1993)

If there is one film that makes torrents of tears shed, it is “My Life”. Keaton plays there, facing Nicole Kidman who plays his pregnant wife, a man who will die of cancer before the birth of his child. Overwhelming, the feature film obtained only mixed success and Michael Keaton found his way back to comedies, romantic or not, taking the role of the American president in passing in the good “The President’s daughter” (2004) in which he gave the reply to a very young Katie Holmes.

“Birdman or (the unsuspected virtues of ignorance)” (2014)

It was not until the excellent feature film by Alejandro G. Iñárritu that Michael Keaton finally found favor with the public … and the Academy of Oscars, which granted him his first nomination. The filmmaker will explain, at the release of the film, that he did not think of Keaton – who plays the role of an actor, former interpreter of a superhero, fallen into oblivion – only at the end of the film. writing the script, he was so convinced of the depth of his acting and his ease with both comedy and drama.

“Spotlight: Special Edition” (2015)

Tom McCarthy’s biopic, “Spotlight: Special Edition” follows the “Boston Globe” team of journalists through the early 2000s as they investigate sexual abuse by members of the clergy. Michael Keaton plays the role of the daily editor and replies to Mark Ruffalo, Rachel McAdams, Stanley Tucci, Liev Schreiber, etc. Nominated in six categories at the Oscars, the feature film won only one – the most important – that of the best film. Since then, Michael Keaton has played Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, Vulture in “Spider-Man: Homecoming”, the director of the compensation program for victims of September 11 in the excellent “Worth”, broadcast by Netflix … while waiting for the other series and feature films, the actor showing no signs of slowing down.

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(Re) discover Michael Keaton in five films