Racism, sexism and ageism in Hollywood: Michelle Yeoh shakes up the Golden Globes

Rewarded at the 80th Golden Globes ceremony, Michelle Yeoh took the opportunity to deliver an edifying testimony on her own experience of sexism, racism and ageism in Hollywood. And to threaten those who would try to interrupt it.

This Tuesday, January 10 marked the return of the Golden Globesthe ceremony rewarding the best American films and series of 2022. Amid the stars and glitter, there was also an important speech.

” You speak English ? »

After critical and commercial success of Everything Everywhere All at Oncehis heroine Michelle Yeoh was sacred best actress in a comedy. On the occasion of her acceptance speech, the latter delivered a powerful testimony to denounce the racism and sexism that reign in Hollywood :

Forty years. Forty years without letting go. I remember when I first came to Hollywood, it was a dream come true, even getting here.

And look at my face: I arrived and they told me: “You are a minority” and I said to myself: “No, it is not possible”. And then I was told: “You… Speak… English” – forget the fact that they don’t know Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Asia, India. So I replied: “Yeah, the flight up here was about 13 hours, so I learned. » »

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The careers of actresses held back by ageism in Hollywood

Engaging the Golden Globes audience on the layering of oppressions in Hollywood – sexism, racism and ageismthe 60-year-old actress addressed the women present in the assembly and among her listeners about the industry’s banishment of older actresses :

I think all of you women understand this – as the days and years and numbers increase, it looks like the opportunities are starting to dwindle as well. »

Interrupted by the music signaling the end of regulatory speaking time, Michelle Yeoh once again distinguished herself in the art of repartee and outspokenness : ” Shut up please. I can kick your ass, this is serious. » she launched with humor in reference to Everything Everywhere All at Oncein which she plays a routine mother turning into a martial arts prodigy ready to save the worldto start with her daughter.

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Racism, sexism and ageism in Hollywood: Michelle Yeoh shakes up the Golden Globes