Rachel Weisz stars in an extreme series based on an eighties classic

A modern take on David Cronenberg’s 1988 thriller with Rachel Weisz in the lead. (First Video)

It is very common that when knowing that a series is a remake of a movie, viewers have distrust about its quality. Even more so when it is inspired by a classic. But together until death (Dead RingersUnited States, 2023) quickly proves that it has a life of its own and that it is going in a different direction than the 1988 film starring Jeremy Irons and directed by David Cronenberg.

together to death It has an origin even before the movie. A story appeared in the newspapers in the seventies talking about the suicide of two medical twin brothers. That inspired a book and it was that text that gave rise to the film where Jeremy Irons played the two main roles. The film, whose original title was also Dead Ringerswas called in South America pact of love The Prime Video series puts a twist on the story by placing two sisters in the leading role, but that’s just the beginning, because for everything else it takes a new direction. The usual hateful comparisons can be stopped right now, they are two different worlds. Only the series has decided to leave, here and there, some subtle quote for those who remember the feature film.

A remake that manages to be the same or even more disturbing than the original film. (First Video)
A remake that manages to be the same or even more disturbing than the original film. (First Video)

Elliot and Beverly Mantle are twin gynecologists dedicated to what is the great project of their lives: an innovative obstetric center dedicated to childbirth and maternity that, at the same time, will be used as a research laboratory. While the birthing center holds the promise of an ideal place to protect mothers and their babies, behind the fertilization and pregnancy center the ethical and scientific limits seem to go to dangerous extremes. The personalities of the two sisters will also clash, even more so when the fortune of a millionaire family is needed to finance these dark projects.

The aforementioned duality, exploited of course from the two main characters, extends to all levels of the series. While, one aspect resembles two feminist heroines in the fight against obstetric violence and concerned about all possible aspects of pregnancy, childbirth and motherhood, on the other, a mad scientist side appears in them who has no limits when it comes to testing his theories on patients. The 1988 movie was very disturbing, but it wasn’t concerned with motherhood in the least. Here this issue is at the center. The result is equally disturbing.

With real images and special effects, together until death offers a candid look at pregnancy and childbirth. Although any filmmaker can film what he wants and how he wants, here it is clear that it has not been mostly women who have exposed this issue in cinema and television until now. That adds elements that may be new to many, even though they really aren’t. The trick of the show is that when it looks like she’s going to make a political speech, she kicks the table and takes us in a completely different direction.

The protagonists are two gynecologist twin sisters (Prime Video)
The protagonists are two gynecologist twin sisters (Prime Video)

british actress Rachel Weisz -also a producer- knows how to generate empathy in viewers to take them to the point of no return where no one could support the actions of the sisters. The series is also produced by who is the engine of the series, Alice Birch. Screenwriter and playwright who participated in the script for season two of Succession and wrote the miniseries Normal People. In Together until death the script has changes of tone, plot twists and enough drama and madness to captivate any viewer.

It also has many disturbing scenes, the lines between a medical series and a horror series move all the time and the most impressionable viewers will undoubtedly feel the impact. As a final fact, it must be said that from 1988 until today, visual effects have evolved a lot and that the protagonist can play two roles without us even for a moment thinking about how they did it.

"Dead Ringers" is a psychosexual thriller that comes from the hand of Alice Brich, the screenwriter behind "normal people". (First Video)
“Dead Ringers” is a psychosexual thriller from Alice Brich, the screenwriter behind “Normal People.” (First Video)

For those who like a strong show and remember the Cronenberg movie, this Prime Video series will give you what you are looking for.

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Rachel Weisz stars in an extreme series based on an eighties classic