Queen Camilla, distant cousin of… Céline Dion, Madonna and Beyoncé!

The genealogy of Camilla Parker-Bowles, a well-born British aristocrat, is extensive and known. But the moment she became Queen consort, the ancestor tree of King Charles III’s wife became even more interesting for genealogists!

MyHeritage.com, one of the leading online companies working on family ancestry and DNA testing, has 18.5 billion digitized historical records from around the world. And overpowered algorithms that can penetrate far into the archives and unearth nuggets for everyone. And so for Camilla…

“As soon as the accession to the throne of Prince Charles and Camilla was confirmed, we embarked on a survey of his ancestors. Because we always find interesting things whether we are famous or not elsewhere!”, explains Marie Cappart, Country Manager for Belgium and genealogist of MyHeritage.fr. Expert of the British royal family, she has built a breathtaking family tree by taking a closer look at the different branches of the prestigious tree. To find lots of interesting and fun information too.

A “grandfather” very close to Queen Victoria!


First, we were able to update that one of Queen Camilla’s great-great-great-grandfathers had participated in the renovation of the famous balcony where the British family appears at Buckingham Palace”, enthuses Marie Cappart: Thomas Cubitt, one of London’s leading architects who was actively involved in the capital’s urban development.

Wink: at the time (in the 1800s) he was one of the very close relations of the royal couple Albert and Victoria! “He also worked on the construction of the famous East wing which carries the royal balcony.” A beautiful irony of fate: the new Queen consort will regularly greet the crowd of her subjects there. And for the one that the British dedicated to scorn for years, here is a little revenge in the person of her illustrious ancestor!

Camilla pop n roll

For some time now, Camilla, to her happiness, has finally been recognized for her integrity, gentleness and discretion. But there may also be a bit of “pop” in her blood, since the MyHeritage team has validated the presence of superstars in the queen consort’s cousinhood: Celine Dion, Madonna, Hugh Grant, Kit Harington and even Queen B. .. Queen Beyonce!

The common ancestor she shares with the Game of Thrones actor is British and belongs to the 9th ascending generation (Mr Kit descends from an aristocratic family). But the ancestors who unite all the female stars and Camilla from afar come from Canada! The researcher algorithm was able to highlight that a French emigrant in Quebec appeared in the family tree of Celine Dion, but also in that of Charles’s wife. Even more amusing: this same Franco-Quebecois ancestor is present in Madonna’s family tree. The two singers are therefore distant cousins ​​(not first cousins)! Finally Camilla shares a Canadian grandmother with Beyonce “It seems far since it goes back hundreds of years, but… on the scale of the universe, it’s quite close”, smiles Marie Cappart who has tons of anecdotes to tell and explains that through MyHeritage, anyone will discover an interesting relationship thanks to this famous search engine.

As for King Charles III, he is a 10th cousin with actor Hugh Grant!

Queen Camilla, distant cousin of... Céline Dion, Madonna and Beyoncé!

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Queen Camilla, distant cousin of… Céline Dion, Madonna and Beyoncé!