Quantum code: what happened to Dean Stockwell?

In the 90s, Code Quantum invited viewers to travel through time knowing, a dazzling success. For Dean Stockwell how to evolve his career at the end of its diffusion?

American television series broadcast between March 26, 1989 and May 5, 1993, Code Quantum, retraced in 91 episodes of 46 minutes, the experiments of doctor Samuel Beckett known as Sam. This genius scientist having hypothesized that it was possible to travel in time during his own life, therefore seeks to prove the validity of his theory. An experiment, which inevitably turns out badly, the scientist finding himself jumping from one era to another and now suffering from partial amnesia.

Dean Stockwell is chosen to play Albert “Al” Calavicci, a humorous Rear Admiral, perverse and superstitious, appearing as a hologram to assist time-trapped Doctor Samuel Beckett. For the actor born March 5, 1936, Code Quantum is not a first try. True child star, his career began when he was only seven years old, playing in the musical Stopover in Hollywood in 1945 alongside Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra. Follows a prolific career during his adolescence with numerous appearances in the cinema as in The Genius of Evil (in 1959) or again The flower of age (in 1965) which earned him both praise and criticism.

Dean Stockwell suffered a stroke in 2015

His best-known role will nevertheless be the one encamped in Code Quantum whereby he actually rose to fame but also won a Golden Globe and 1990. Along with fantasy fiction, he holds various small roles in other series such as All risks agency, For the love of risk, Simon and simon as well as many telefilms or mini series.

At his stop, he will find his sidekick in NCIS: New Orleans then will appear in several fictions like Battlestar Galactica and I. In 2015, victim of a stroke, the 85-year-old actor chose to retire. Since then, he has benefited from his family, his wife as well as his two children, Austin and Sophia.

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