Pulp Fiction: How Samuel L. Jackson landed the role of Jules Winnfield

Samuel L Jackson He is a top Hollywood actor. Over the years he has managed to be part of the purest entertainment titles such as those that he integrates into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as more alternative films. This had to do in large part with his portrayal of Jules Winnfield in pulp fiction.

The truth is that this role was impregnated in pop culture as one of the most outstanding in the actor’s career, which has made thousands of fans around the world repeat parts of his lines in the film. Nevertheless, the actor born in Washington DC was very close to losing the opportunity to act in the second film by Quentin Tarantino.

The director had Laurence Fishburne in mind to play Jules, but he decided to reject the proposal. because he was concerned that the film conveyed a mixed message about heroin use, positing it as fun. A) Yes, Tarantino’s second choice was Puerto Rican Paul Calderón. When Calderón was called to audition, Tarantino was late for the audition and this angered the actor, as the director was unable to see him in action.

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Jackson, who had been scheduled to audition the same day, showed up ready to shine in front of the director and producers. Not only was he in charge of dispatching his lines with ease and style, but he also showed up to the casting with a hamburger and a soda in hand. Thus, his interpretation of Jules was extremely natural and realistic, in addition to having added his own imprint that Tarantino would later take to develop the character on screen (via CBR).

Undoubtedly, Jackson offers one of the most outstanding performances of pulp fiction and together with John Travolta he built an unforgettable duo that was immortalized in the cinema.

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Pulp Fiction: How Samuel L. Jackson landed the role of Jules Winnfield