Prisoners of the Ghostland: Nicolas Cage makes a massacre in the trailer for the Sono Sion film

Nicolas Cage is in great shape and ready to slaughter anything that moves in Prisoners of the Ghostland, the new film by Japanese director Sono Sion.

While the career of Nicolas Cage could take a favorable turn thanks to the presentation of Pig at the next Deauville festival, the thriller Prisoners of the Ghostland promises to be the next big exit from Nicolas Cage’s career. The actor himself had suggested that this role was the “wildest” he had interpreted.

In any case, the immense director of the film, Sono Sion, was more than satisfied with his collaboration with the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. This long-awaited savagery has not yet been announced on the French market, but has nevertheless unveiled its first trailer. which only confirms the triumphant return of Nicolas Cage at his best.

In the tradition of a New-York 1997 and a Los Angeles 2013 by John Carpenter, Nicolas Cage plays the criminal Hero, sent by a governor (Bill Moseley) to Ghostland territory, to rescue Bernice (Sofia Boutella), his kidnapped daughter. However, in front of the first images of the trailer, Prisoners of the Ghostland manages to distinguish itself from its influences with its careful staging and different universes. Indeed, the sumptuous decorations plunge us into a world mixing the Japan of samurai and the spirit of the greatest American westerns. A hybrid film where action cinema meets the pure violence and the monstrous of fantasy cinema.

And even if we are far from the class of a Kurt Russell in Snake Plissken, Nicolas Cage seems to be coasting in front of the camera of Japanese filmmaker Sion Sono, to whom we owe in particular incredible films like Suicide Club Where Love Exposure. Ready to smash the skull of anything that moves, the actor also wears a combination of the best effect with explosive balls everywhere, including the crotch of the character. Because yes, if he doesn’t save the governor’s daughter, Hero will explode.

He is not afraid to die

If for the moment, the big comeback of Nicolas Cage still does not have a release date in France, Americans will be able to see it in limited release in cinemas from September 17, then in digital purchase. To see in the meantime if the film by Sono Sion can at least have a DVD / Blu-ray and VOD release by us.

While waiting to learn more about the broadcasting modalities on the French market, you can find the trailer of Pig, in which Nicolas Cage will this time have to save his pig.