Pinocchio: Cynthia Erivo Brings The Blue Fairy To Life And Sings The Most Beloved Disney Song Of All Time

PINOCCHIO, the new live-action film based on Disney’s animated classic, is wowing Disney+ audiences with incredible elements that bring the legendary story of the wooden puppet into the 21st century. From the stunning CGI (computer generated imagery) animation to the extraordinary acting of Tom Hankswho gives life to Gepetto, PINOCCHIO It moves audiences who grew up with the 1940 classic and captivates new generations who are discovering the magical history of Disney.

One of the unmissable new elements presented by the film directed by Robert Zemeckis is the presence of the renowned British actress and singer Cynthia Erivo, who gives life to the character of the Blue Fairy, printing a special stamp on it. Erivo is an Oscar-nominated actress® and emmy®Tony Award winner® for the role of Calie in the Broadway revival of the musical The Color Purple.


The Blue Fairy is a magical being that gives life to Pinocchio. In the new movie, Erivo created the character version of him alongside Zemeckis, making him sweet and kind, who is also pragmatic and a bit gruff. “He wanted her to have a unique mix of qualities, and I liked taking on the challenge of achieving that.”, Erivo points out.

As for the appearance of the character, Erivo gave himself completely to the talent of the costume designer. Joanna Johnson. Together, they brought the blue of the fairy to her entire look so that the magic is seen from head to toe. In the film, Erivo sports crystals in his hair and ears, and his dress has dozens of layers of silk. “It had to be as ethereal and extravagant as possible”, says the actress.


The live action version of PINOCCHIO It differs from the original film in that the key song that forms part of the story, “The Blue Star” (in English “When You Wish Upon a Star”), is sung by the Blue Fairy, instead of Jiminy Cricket. The song not only became the most popular song in the film when it was released in 1940, but it is also Disney’s signature song to this day.

For Erivo, giving his voice to an “anthem” so beloved by audiences was an honor and a great responsibility, and the film’s creative team was blown away by his performance. At the time of shooting the scene of the song, the actress and Zemeckis surprised everyone in the set when Erivo sang it live, without pre-recording it. I am stubborn. If you have to sing in a movie, I prefer to do it live. I wanted to give everyone in the room something entertaining, something nice to listen to. And it was a lovely moment to be able to sing the song on stage”, says the artist.

For her, moreover, interpreting the song was not only a privilege because of the symbolic weight it carries, but also because of the powerful message it conveys. The actress sums it up like this:I want any adult or child who hears the song to think, ‘Maybe he’s right. Maybe dreams do come true if you ask a star for them.’ Like Cynthia, I would encourage people to dream, to wish, to believe in it and offer our wishes to the universe. As the Blue Fairy, I have the wonderful opportunity to do that…and it’s wonderful.”.

PINOCCHIO is available now, exclusively on Disney+.

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Pinocchio: Cynthia Erivo Brings The Blue Fairy To Life And Sings The Most Beloved Disney Song Of All Time