PICTURES. Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba … These stars who do their shopping themselves!

Technology is good. If, in the 2000s, many stars did not really want to leave the choice of their favorite ice cream in the hands of a stranger, now, with the arrival of home deliveries, they finally let themselves be guided. For their greatest pleasure.

It has been a long time since the most famous personalities on the planet have opted for this new facility available to them. In addition to reducing their already busy schedule, and therefore saving them time, the grocery delivery allows them to say goodbye to stolen photos of paparazzi in the middle of the depilatory cream department… A real relief, especially for Kim Kardashian or Jennifer Lopez who were very regularly followed to the candy or intimate protection department by a few rather daring photographers. But this solution is not reserved only for the stars or the wealthier among us, since more and more French people are being seduced by online shopping, and the benefits of this new technology.

According to a study, France is also the European champion for purchases of everyday products online, thanks to the system of “drive”. With a 7.1 percentage of purchases of consumer goods, France is even ahead of the United States with 5.6%. However, the method used is not the same. Followers of home delivery, Americans only see this mode of operation, while in France, after ordering meals on the internet, it is then mainly the “drive” method, at 81% which appeals to customers. consumers.

So why not receive your shopping bags directly at the doorstep with quality home delivery? Like Jennifer Lopez or Katherine Heigl, simplify your life, and indulge yourself!