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Present at the Critics Choice Awards, Halle Berry caused a sensation with her eloquent speech. On the other hand, his radical capillary change did not win unanimous support. We explain why.

Halle Berry was present yesterday in Los Angeles for the 27th edition of Critics Choice Awards. I have to say that the 55-year-old actress (yes, yes, you read that right!) is an emblematic figure of the world of cinema. If we know her better for her diverse and varied roles, mainly in action movies (catwoman, X-Men Where avengers to recite nobody else but them), Halle Berry don’t stop there. Indeed, she has just taken her first steps as directorespecially for bruiseda film in which she also played the leading role: that of Jackie, a former MMA champion, who fights both in the ring and in life.

Yesterday evening, Halle Berry has received the SeeHer award to Critics Choice Awards 2022. A prestigious prize which, if it does not reward her quality as an actress, rewards her quality as a human and its positive impact on society. In effect, the SeeHer award plead for a accurate representation of women in advertising and the media (and therefore, cinema!), and is intended for women who embody powerful values. In his poignant and moving speech, Halle Berry took the opportunity to display hair change at least… surprising. The proof in pictures!

Halle Berry: her hair change is radical

As she came to collect its SeeHer award, Halle Berry gave a heartbreaking and sincere speech, which moved everyone present (and it’s not Lady Gagawho could not hide his tears, who will say the opposite!).

If we deny our complexities, then we deny our humanity. We won’t always be pretty and we’ll never be perfect, but what we do know is that it’ll always be honest and true, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you. These are the stories we have to fight to tell and the world needs to see. So to each little girl who feels invisible, unheard, it’s our way of telling you: we love you and we see you. You deserve all the good things in this world.

During this speech, Halle Berry appeared in a black velvet suit that covered a white lingerie bodysuit. And her hair seemed to match her outfit! In effect, the 55-year-old actress and director has totally changed her haircut, opting for a brown coloring on one side, and almost white blonde on the other. Like a nice and endearing Cruella 2.0.

Its asymmetrical cut, very short on the right side but with a large wick on the left reminds us Rihanna’s iconic haircut in 2008. So does this hair performance sign a return of the long lock on short hair in 2022? Anyway, it is clear that this two-tone hairstyle did not go unnoticed: either we love it or we hate it. A little suspense, we let you guess which team we are in!

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PHOTO Coloring: at 55, Halle Berry appears transformed with black and white hair – X Gossip