Peter Dinklage defended the end of Game of Thrones, arguing that fans were simply upset that they would no longer have any more episodes – The Third

Although we are already counting down to 2021 and HBO wants you to start thinking about what will be House of The Dragon, The end of Game of Thrones continues to talk.

Thus, although almost three years have passed since the conclusion of the series, recently Peter Dinklage defended the divisive conclusion to the history of Westeros.

In an interview with The New York Times, the actor who played Tyrion Lannister was consulted regarding the request that George RR Martin, the author of the books that inspired the series, would have made so that Game of Thrones extend for two more seasons.

Dinklage, who participated in all seasons of the series, answered the question directly and not only indicated that he believes that Game of Thrones ended at the precise minute, but also raised a theory regarding the anger of the fans.

“It was the right moment. Not less, not more. You don’t want to exhaust your welcome, although I’m not sure that show could have. But I think the reason there was a backlash about the ending is because (the fans) were mad at us for breaking up with them. “ Dinklage said. “We were getting off the air and they no longer knew what to do with their Sunday nights. They wanted more, so they reacted against it. “

“We had to finish when we did because what the show was really good at was breaking preconceived notions: villains became heroes and heroes became villains. If you know the story, when you follow the progress of tyrants, they don’t start out as tyrants. I’m talking about, spoiler alert, what happened at the end of Game of Thrones with that character change “added the actor. “It’s gradual and I loved how power corrupted these people. What happens to your moral compass when it tastes power? Human beings are complicated characters, you know?

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If you’ve been checking social media for the past two years you probably don’t even need to have seen Game of Thrones to understand that many people were upset with the end of the series and in particular with how the whole story around the Iron Throne and the stories of Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow was resolved.

But Dinklage does not believe that the ending is bad and indicated that it would be something along the lines of what the series always proposed.

“They wanted the handsome whites to ride together into the sunset. By the way, it is fiction. There are dragons in it. Keep going ”, the actor pointed out with a laugh. “No, but the show subverts what you think, and that’s what I love about it. Yes, it was called Game of Thrones, but in the end all the dialogue when people approached me on the street was: ‘Who is going to sit on the throne?’ I don’t know why that was his conclusion, because the show really was more than that. “

“One of my favorite moments was when the dragon burned the throne because it ended all that conversation, which is really irreverent and brilliant on behalf of the creators of the show: ‘Shut up, it’s not about that.’ They constantly did that, where you thought one thing and gave you another. Everyone had their own stories while watching that show, but I think no one had (a story) as good as the one the show delivered”, He concluded.

Dinklage is not the first cast member of Game of Thrones who defends the series’ conclusion and, while figures like Emilia Clarke have had slightly more nuanced comments, actors like Iwan Rheon and Sophie Turner have argued in favor of closing the show.

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Peter Dinklage defended the end of Game of Thrones, arguing that fans were simply upset that they would no longer have any more episodes – The Third