Penélope Cruz hopes that the Trans Law will be approved soon: it is “pure logic”

In the midst of a parliamentary debate on the trans lawthe actress Penélope Cruz has assured this Thursday that she is “totally in favor” of this legislative initiative, which she sees as “pure logic” because it promotes “respect and recognition” of the other and that she hopes that it will be approved soon.

“I am totally in favor, but it is normal that it is taking its time, because there are many nuances,” the actress, who will be in Spain tomorrow, this Friday, told Efe the immensitaa film by Emanuele Crialese in which she plays a mother whose daughter does not identify with her biological sex in 1970s Italy.

“There are many issues: ages, cases of violence… you have to look at everything with a magnifying glass”, Cruz added and said that he could not understand life in any other way than “looking at the other with absolute respect, recognizing and respecting the reality of that being”.

During the presentation of the immensita At the last Venice Film Festival, Crialese revealed that he was transsexual, that he was born with the biological sex of a girl and that the film is based on his childhood memories.

Something that Penélope Cruz considers very inspiring and brave. “For me it has been an honor to accompany him on that journey, to be part of something that inspires, that fight for freedom that we all need and to be recognized for what we feel and are.”

However, she says she does not feel authorized to give advice to any parent on how to deal with such a situation. “I think there are many answers in the film, because it is told from the children’s point of view and for someone who has a harder time understanding that reality, it can be useful.”

Sexist violence: “There is so much left to do”

Another theme that the film touches on is that of sexist violence. Clara (Cruz) and Felice (Vicenzo Amato)’s marriage is over, but they do not separate from her despite the fact that he abuses her psychologically and physically.

“From time to time someone tells you that in those years the subject of machismo was more common, but I think that we have not advanced so much in that sense. Many women continue to die, many in our country and in other places, ”says the actress.

“I don’t think we can say that progress has been made on this issue and that women are given sufficient protection when they finally find the strength or have the opportunity to report a case, there is so much left to do, it’s really horrible,” she says. .

Raffaela Carrá, one of her idols

In the film, in that family environment full of difficulties, two liberating figures emerge from the black and white television of that time: Raffaela Carrá and Patty Pravo, whose songs serve as escape and transgression for mother and daughter.

For Cruz, who in a sequence of the film appears singing and dancing with a blonde wig imitating the Italian diva, Carrá was also an idol since childhood.

“I got to know many of his songs through my grandmother, who would take me to the park so that I could sing them to her neighbors,” he says and remembers that when he read the script for the first time and got to the musical numbers, he was very excited. have the opportunity to pay homage to these artists.

2022 has been a year full of recognition and activity for Penélope Cruz, since she competed in February for the Oscar for best actress in Hollywood with parallel mothersuntil picking up the National Cinematography Award last September in San Sebastián.

Cruz also currently has on billboard in the marginsthe feature debut by Juan Diego Botto, which he has produced and in which he plays a woman facing the threat of eviction and has just shot, along with Adam Driver and Shailene Woodly, the biopic by Michael Mann on Enzo Ferrari.

Penelope Cruz: evolution

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Penélope Cruz hopes that the Trans Law will be approved soon: it is “pure logic”